No Money Mondays: Project Avalanche by Runway_01

December 11, 2023

It’s the start of a brand new week, so it’s time for a new edition of No Money Mondays! This week, we’re covering quite an unusual addon for X-Plane, Project Avalanche by Runway_01! While not an airport, aircraft, or much else related to aviation, Project Avalanche is a labor of love which has earned it a spot on some of the community’s best offerings for flight sim.

The real car that this add-on is modeled after is the Chevrolet Avalanche. The Avalanche is a 4 door pickup truck. Its design is particularly interesting because it was a crossover between the popular Chevy Silverado pickup and the also highly popular Chevy Suburban SUV. It was also unusual in the fact that the bed of the truck was integrated with the cab body, something not seen on many pickups. It also featured a midgate design, allowing for an expansion of bed space. The version simulated in Project Avalanche is a 2012 model, with a 320hp (4515cc) GM 5.3L V8 Vortec Engine.

Project Avalanche includes a variety of features, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Realistic Driving Physics, with the ability to drift
  • Realistic Engine simulation, with unique failures
  • Functional music player
  • Functional cruise control
  • FMOD sounds
  • Fully functional A/C climate control logic, and varies by exterior temperature
  • Refueling functionality
  • Functional backup camera
  • AviTab Integration
  • And much, much more!

When I say this project is in-depth, I really mean it. It is probably the most in-depth simulation of a car ever for any flight simulator. The amount of effort that has gone into making a car work in a program that was not at all built for cars is outstanding. I highly suggest trying this add-on for yourself, because I’ve never had so much fun driving a car in a flight sim.

You can download this amazing mod for free at the Forum.

You can also check out the trailer made for it here!

Be sure to stay tuned to Threshold next week to see where the freeware fun heads to next!

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