No Money Mondays: Placerville Airport KPVF by vbazillio

January 29, 2024

It’s another week, so it’s time for another edition of No Money Mondays! Each week, we showcase some of the community’s best freeware creations! On this week’s edition of No Money Monday’s, we’re checking out the amazing work of vbazillio, and his rendition of Placerville Airport in California, USA.

Placerville got its start out as many airports did in the United States, being first operated by the US Military. Placerville opened in 1935 as a training airport for the United States Army Air Force, the predecessor to what is now the United States Air Force. Placerville Airport shifted it’s operations from a mainly military role to a civilian one following the end of World War 2, in the 1940s. In the late 1970s, the airport had passenger service operated by California Air Commuter, but that service was closed after only one year in operation. Today, the airport primarily serves a general aviation role, along with some charter flights. Placerville Airport also serves as the home of Chapter 512 of the Experimental Aviation Association, or EAA.

The in-sim rendition of Placerville Airport boasts many features, including:

  • Huge amount of work on elevation of the whole airport but also on small areas around and inside the perimeter
  • Hard work blending all revised new airport textures with the underlying satellite images
  • All fences around the airport (thanks to vectorplacement SDK features)
  • Add specific taxiway signs (noise abatement extrapolated from ground charts, if you have their exact meanings let me know)
  • Add Helipad H1 located on north side of runway 05 end
  • Add the Hangtown VOR-DME (objects)
  • Add the Windtee customized for KPVF and the weather sensors
  • Add thousands of small objects to make the airport a more living and immersive environment.
  • Add several open hangars (with some jewels inside) replacing AI generated.
  • Special attention to buildings : EAA Chapter 512, Ragtime Aero and

You can grab this amazing airport via!

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