No Money Mondays: Cessna T-37 Tweet by VrilleAPlat

November 6, 2023

It’s the start of another week, so it’s time for another edition of No Money Mondays! In this week’s installment, we’re checking out the fabulous work of VrilleAPlat and his amazing Cessna T-37 Tweet for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With many custom features, and receiving a 4.8 star rating on, it is definitely worth checking out!

The T-37 Tweet is a twin-engine, two-seat, side-by-side, military jet training aircraft designed and built by Cessna. It was developed in the 1950s, and went into service with the United States Air Force in June 1956. Three versions of the T-37 were created, the T-37A, T-37B, and T-37C respectively. The T-37A was the initial version developed for the USAF. The T-37B, succeeded the T-37A, with improved avionics, and engines that were 10% more powerful than the T-37A. All of the T-37A’s were then modified into T-37B’s. The T-37C was upgraded to carry light armament, the addition of wing tip fuel tanks, as well as an increase in Max Gross Weight. The T-37 became one of the mainstay aircraft for jet training for the USAF for many decades, but was finally retired in 2009. Today, it still is in active service with Turkish and Pakistani Air Forces.

The virtual rendition of the T-37 has many features included with the aircraft, such as:

  • Detailed exterior and interior models
  • Custom sounds
  • Detailed instruments and systems logic
  • Four included liveries
  • Documentation with Cold & Dark checklist
  • A few failures
  • Custom visual effects for smoke and engine fire

You can download this amazing aircraft to your virtual hangar from, all for the very great price of absolutely free!

Be sure to stay tuned to Threshold next week to see where the freeware fun heads to next!

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