The Most Anticipated Releases of 2023

February 5, 2023
Matthew Dorrell
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The Most Anticipated Releases for 2023

2023 is forecast to be a big year for flight simulation across all platforms with developers showcasing some of their upcoming products. Here is a list of some of the projects anticipated to be released in the near future. As always stay tuned to Threshold for more information regarding these developments. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator

In recent years many developers have shifted their focus to Microsoft Flight Simulator for their new developments, here are a few projects to keep your eyes on for this year; 

Asobo ATR 42-600/72-600

The Asobo ATR 42/72 has been in the works for a little while, but we finally have an anticipated release date. The aircraft, set to release in March of 2023, will focus on the ATR 42-600 and the larger ATR 72-600. These short-range turboprops will feature advanced avionics and a full EFB. The exact release date and price will be announced shortly before the release.  

A2A Simulations Comanche 250

Early into the new year A2A Simulations announced that their Comanche 250 had entered into Beta Testing. Although no official release date has been set, progress is being made toward such an event. A full feature list is expected to be announced in the near future with updates being posted in the A2A Simulations forums

Just Flight RJ Professional & Fokker 70/100

Over the past few months, Just Flight has been teasing pictures of two upcoming releases; the RJ Professional and the Fokker 70/100. 

The Fokker 70/100 project focuses on the Fokker 70 medium-range regional airliner and its larger counterpart the Fokker 100. This addon covers an aircraft family that has mostly been neglected in flight simulations and will bring an exciting new type to the sim. No word on a release date so stay tuned to Threshold and the Just Flight product page for further updates. 

Also being developed by Just Flight is the RJ Professional. A successor to the popular Just Flight 146 Professional, the RJ Professional focuses on the Avro RJ equivalent of the BAE-146. The RJ Professional will cover the updated avionics found on the Avro RJ series aircraft. As with other Just Flight developments, no official release date has been set, so stay tuned to the Just Flight product page for further updates. 

FlyByWire A380X

Unlike the above aircraft, it is unclear if we are going to see the A380X project complete in 2023, but it is a highly anticipated aircraft that I believe we should all keep our eyes on in 2023. Images released of the aircraft show it is still in the early development stages and is unlikely to release in the first half of 2023 if at all. However, the A380 is an aircraft that has very little representation in the flight simulation world, and the FlyByWire A380X is an exciting project to keep an eye on as development continues. 

X-plane 11/12

This year is set to be exciting for the world of X-plane with the release of version 12 of the simulator. X-plane 12 brings many new and improved features to the platform for developers to take advantage of. 

Deanarica Simulations Airbus A220

The rather quiet development of the Deanarcia Simulations Airbus A220 seems to have picked up the pace. This is an add-on that is unknown whether it will release in 2023 or later. The latest images released by the team indicated major progress has been made to the project, and it is something that I recommend you keep an eye on if you are looking for an A220 for your hangar. 


A new development has come about with the aim to challenge the recently released AeroBask DA42, the team over at COWS has previewed a near-complete rendition of their DA42. The COWS DA42 will feature custom systems modeling, a custom Garmin G1000NXI avionics suite, and a true-to-life flight model. The team plans to develop other Diamond Aircraft down the road, and development updates can be found on their discord.

X-Crafts ERJ Family

A buzzing development in the early months of 2023 is the X-Crafts ERJ Family. This is a complete rebuild of X-Craft's largely successful ERJ line. This new build will utilize all the new tech X-Plane 12 has to offer. Existing X-Crafts ERJ customers will receive a discount on this new product, the exact discount will be announced at a later date along with an official launch date. 


With all the development buzz in early 2023, this year is shaping up to be a rather exciting year for flight simulation as developers push their craft further. The add-ons above are not the only developments for this year as there are too many for one article. Stay tuned to Threshold as more information comes available on these and many more exciting add-ons, and feel free to share some of your most anticipated add-ons in the Threshold Discord.  

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