No Money Mondays, San Fernando Airport

August 29, 2023

Welcome to San Fernando, located in La Union, Philippines! San Fernando has a population of around 125,000 inhabitants and is also a popular tourist destination. Explored by the Spanish in 1572, it was officially founded in 1786 and named after Saint Ferdinand III during its colonial era. The city has an extensive history of colonization through different arms of power. It was ceded to the Americans in the 1890s, acquiring control through the Treaty of Paris. The city was also involved in battles between the Japanese and US forces during the Second World War. RPUS was used by American forces when Wallace Air Station was still in operation. 

San Fernando Airport is located right off the bay, among many resorts. It is home to Leading Edge International Aviation Academy, which focuses on flight training and aviation maintenance. The airport is currently under the control of the Philippines Civil Aviation Authority.

Turtle Tank has made significant improvements to the default airstrip, including a terminal modeled after the actual building. The site also features authentic sheds, offices, flight training school hangars, 3D trees, and manually placed greenery. However, flying in this area can be challenging due to frequent convective activity. This airstrip is ideal for practicing with LIVE weather active in the simulator or ExEnviro. The runway is approximately 7,000 feet long and only a few feet above sea level making it worth the trip. According to Turtle Tank upcoming update promises more enhancements, so be sure to follow for further updates and progress.

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