Flight Simulation Community Responds to Ukraine Crisis

February 28, 2022

As the world mourns the current conflict in Ukraine, and the unnecessary loss of life we are witnessing daily. By human nature, we strive to give support in any way possible. Many will extend their hearts, but feel their contributions will be insignificant and their offerings out of reach to those who need it. In such times it is important to remember, everything and anything counts. From posting your support on social media, to donating directly to the victims and charities, it all adds up. In saying this, all of us here at Threshold have been in awe at the compassion and support shown by the community. We are particularly honored to share and spread the incredible news of the sheer charity shown by our friends at Orbx, and a gesture of respect from the Flight Simulation Association. 

Firstly, the team here at Threshold has put together a fundraiser in support of the people of Ukraine, with funds being shared amongst Ukrainian developers in our communities, and the Children of Ukraine. It’s hard to imagine the many young lives experiencing such circumstances and the profound impact this situation will have on them, both now and in their future. That is why we have chosen to give a part of the funds raised to UNICEF's donation program for Ukrainian children where you can donate directly or alternatively through our own fundraiser here.

In an act of Solidarity, Orbx and their partners have given us another means and opportunity to support our friends, colleagues, family and fellow humans who at this very moment face unprecedented adversity, through their very own platform. Orbx has announced they are wavering the store fees for a selection of products found on Orbx Central until the end of this month, with 100% of the proceeds from sales given in support. As we near the end of the month, should you wish to support please do take a look at their announcement here

We have displayed their provided list of selected products for your convenience:


Golden Key Studio

 Northern Sky Studio

Orbx Developers:

In addition to this, we have seen Flight Simulation association has opted to postpone their Cross-Community Panel Discussion, in what could be referred to as a “moments silence” for the current situation, tweeting:

The admirable announcement was met with nothing but strong support and understanding from the community. What many will have noticed in and amongst community forums and social media, is the amount of tribute flights, either in the colors of Ukraine International Airlines, or what we can now call “legacy flights” of the former “Mriya” AN225, which recently was confirmed to have sustained significant damage, rendering it out of service. While no comparison to the loss of human life, the destruction of such an icon has certainly touched the Aviation community.

We’d like to finish off by highly encouraging any support that can be given either through our own donation program or alternatively via Orbx and their partners, whom we wish the greatest success in raising funds for such a worthy cause. All of us here at Threshold would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest condolences to everyone impacted. Like Orbx and Flight Simulation Association along with our communities, we stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian family. We hope and pray for a peaceful resolution and end to this conflict.

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