Sunday Review: 04/11/18

Sam Clark
Sunday, November 4, 2018

Recapping a positive week in X-Plane development

The 44th week of 2018 has been pretty good all things considered. Five excellent addons were previewed this week, joining two new releases and plenty of updates.

Last week had barely ended when we were treated to new previews of SSG’s CRJ700, as the exterior modelling is now complete. Since then, new screenshots have emerged of the cockpit modelling of the Canadian Regional Jet.

On the same day, Windsock Simulations, in collaboration with MK-Studios, previewed Lanzarote (GCRR) for X-Plane. The project will be MK’s first for Laminar’s sim, following a streak of successful releases for ESP-platforms.

GloballArt released their latest scenery on Friday, centred around Montreal Airport (CYUL). The project was largely under-wraps during the development process, as only a few previews surfaced in that time.

John Spahn of MaxxXP showed off the first screenshots of SkyMAXX Pro v4.7, the main feature of which is VR compatibility. SMP v4.7 will also eliminate the previous 3-layer limit to cloud representation, as well as tweaked cumulus textures.

Frank Dainese’s Everest Park 3D also featured in the news this week, with new previews of Lukla airport. Labelled the “world’s most dangerous airport”, the latest round of screenshots show off the finer details of VNLK such as individual pallets, forklifts and human models.

MilViz released their first X-Plane product on Saturday. The Cessna T310R serves to test the waters in X-Plane development, although other projects are already underway that are set to support Laminar’s sim.

Finally this week, JRollon and SimCoders have previewed the SIAI-Marchetti SF260D. The preview video posted on YouTube showed Javier Rollon landing the trainer aircraft at a small airfield.

The News

Carenado update Citation II to v1.1

After a relatively quiet release last week, the Carenado Citation II has received an update. Version 1.1 squashes a few bugs and tweaks audio levels. To update, re-download the aircraft from the store that you bought it from.

SimCoders release update to REP

SimCoders have released REP v3.5. The new version adds many new elements of wear, including engine and instrument ageing and subsequent inaccuracy/wear and tear. You can find more details on the SimCoder’s website.

BlueSkyStar FF 777 sound pack on final approach

The much anticipated BSS sound pack for the FlightFactor 777 is now in its final stages. A release candidate of the package was shown off on livestream earlier in the week.


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