Week Highlights: SAM, Genoa, and Almeria is out, andyet another C172...

Sam Clark
Monday, December 10, 2018

Another quiet week, recapped.

Welcome to the Threshold Sunday Review for today, Sunday, December the 9th. 2018’s 49th week didn’t have too much in store for X-Plane, besides a handful of previews and releases.

The week got off to a sluggish start with little to no news until Tuesday, when Cami De Bellis released La Tontoula International Airport (NWWW). It is New Caledonia's main airport and is located 52 kilometres from the city of Noumea. Cami De Bellis’ rendition of NWWW is available for $22.40 on the X-Plane.org store.

Carenado were to next to make waves this week, with news of an upcoming C172SP Skyhawk. Many have questioned the decision to develop another C172, as high-quality alternatives such as the AirFoilLabs already exist. Since we reported on the announcement, further screenshots have been provided.

Our friends over at Stairport Sceneries released the hotly anticipated Scenery Animation Manager plugin last week, which allows developers to add moving jetways, hangar doors and animated people to sceneries. Many have compared SAM to SODE, which is a tool for Prepar3D.

The first Orbx news came in the form of the release of Goodwood Airport (EGHR). Famous for its car rally, the Festival of Speed, Goodwood now has an entry in X-Plane courtesy of Orbx. It costs $32.95 AUD but is on sale as a part of Orbx’s New Year Sale and is currently discounted to $28.01 AUD.

Aerosoft and GayaSimulation released Genoa (LIMJ) on Friday, following the release of the SAM plugin which is required for it to work. This is GayaSim’s first product for X-Plane, although has announced that Brussels Airport (EBBR) is in development also.

In further scenery news this week, PILOT’S and Descent2View released Almeria (LEAM) for Laminar’s sim. PILOT’S Almeria was previously developed for Prepar3D, FSX and the now-defunct Flight Sim World. The conversion was originally announced in April to little apparent fanfare, but since then has shown steady progress. It is available for $26.00 on the Threshold Store.

Bucking the scenery news trend, HighSkyTech revealed more information about xAmbience, an upcoming weather addon for X-Plane. After initially claiming the 28th of November to be the release date, that has now been pushed back to the end of this month.

MisterX6's first European scenery appears to be progressing well. This week, he released further previews of Munich (EDDM) for X-Plane. The popular freeware developer is due to release EDDM under his payware brand ShortFinal Design, much like his previous payware sceneries KABQ, KLAX and KSLC.

Lastly for this week, Orbx release TrueEarth GB Central. The sequel to their incredibly popular GB South scenery has been somewhat hidden in the shadow of its Southern counterpart and was quietly released yesterday evening. It is available for $46.45AUD (down from $54.95AUD for the Orbx sale).


That’s all for this week!

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