Sunday Review: 14 October

Sam Clark
Sunday, October 14, 2018

Recapping a landmark week in X-Plane development

As the heading reads, it really has been a stand-out week in terms of addon development for X-Plane. In the days following FlightSimShow in Cosford, we also learned more about Laminar Research’s development timeline regarding X-Plane 11.30.

ShortFinal Design got us off to a good start this week withnews of his latest project; Munich Airport. This is MisterX6’s first scenery outside of North America, following numerous successful freeware and payware products located in the region.

A few days later, Threshold broke the news of Stairport Sceneries’ Scenery Animation Manager (S.A.M.) SAM is a freeware plugin available to developers looking to add more “life” into their sceneries. It is a C++ coded plugin that some have compared to SODE (a tool for adding customisable jetways in Prepar3D). SAM doesn’t just stop at jetways, though. It is also capable of animating windmills, hanger doors, even marshallers.

Some of the possibilities available with SAM.

By far the biggest news this week came from Orbx, who released the highly anticipated TrueEarth Great Britain South scenery for X-Plane. 'TrueEarth' is Orbx's answer to the growing popularity of the freeware tool Ortho4XP and comprises of high-quality, colour-edited photoreal imagery, new autogen systems and hundreds if not thousands of VFR landmarks. Check out all the details in our release article.

Rounding off the news week, Military Visualisations, more commonly known as Milviz, released new previews of their upcoming Cessna T310R for X-Plane. The 310 is their first X-Plane product, though will likely be followed by an ATR-72 in coming months. To see the new developments from Milviz, check out our article.

The News

This is the section where we recap some of the smaller news that didn’t quite make the press this week.

TORQUESIM preview Pocket Rocket & pilot model

Our friends at TORQUESIM have been working hard on their Pocket Rocket project since the announcement of the joint venture last month. TORQUESIM is a co-op between Attitude Simulations and Advanced Flight Modelling and focuses on developing high-quality sporting aircraft for X-Plane.

The TORQUESIM Pocket Rocket is progressing well, judging from the latest round of previews posted by developer Steaven Mckenzie.

GloballArt CYUL Montreal closes in on release

Brazilian development team GloballArt have previewed their upcoming Montreal scenery, stating that it will launch “in the next few weeks”. The developers have kept this project pretty close to their chest, so we only have a few preview screenshots. They are attached below:

SkunkCrafts show more progress on Lancair Legacy

Coming off the back of the very successful P-51 Mustang last month, SkunkCrafts have shared some W.I.P. images of their next project; the Lancair Legacy RG.

The renders show the cockpit texturing, as well as many smaller details on show.

Felis 747-200; more previews

Ever since the announcement of the 747-200 back in May, Felis has kept us updated on progress on his rendition of the Queen of the Skies. This week, he has shown off new landing gear renders:

Additional previews of Carenado's S550 Citation II at night

Announced early into the week, sork continues on the S550 Citation II by Carenado. Today, additional previews of the aircraft during dusk and night were shared on their Facebook page:

That’s all for this week!

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Happy flying - and have a wonderful day!

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