Week Highlights: 787 price rocketing and FSGRW and ASXP battles it out.

Sam Clark
Monday, December 17, 2018

Recapping a busy week

It all kicked off on Monday with news of an update coming to the Magknight 787. This wasn’t without controversy however, as the X-Plane.org store increased the price of the Dreamliner from $25 to $45 (USD) and also requiring existing customers to pay a $15 upgrade fee (the fee has since been cut down to just $10 USD).

Shortly afterwards, HiFi Simulations released the highly anticipated weather plugin Active Sky XP.  Since the release at the start of the week, ASXP has received a few hotfixes to patch initial issues and is available for purchase for 35.99 EUR.

Aerosoft released small updates to two of it’s X-Plane airports this week, with Zurich receiving Scenery Animation Manager compatibility and fixing a few initial bugs with the recently released Genoa XP.

Both FS Global Real Weather and SkyMaxx Pro were updated on Thursday, to build 403 (404 has since been released) and 4.7 respectively. The updates coincided with the news that the two brands have partnered up to offer an “ultimate weather solution”, with FSGRW injecting weather and SkyMaxx handling the visuals.

Dan Klaue of Thranda Design released more previews of his upcoming Pilatus PC-6 this week - this round of renders showing off the interior of the single-engine Swiss aircraft. He has since released more previews, some of which are attached below:

Scenery developer Maps2XPlane released their second standalone product on Thursday, called Faroes4XPlane. The scenery was made in partnership with Spain UHD developer Albert Rafols and features 8 helipads as well as a faithful representation of Vagar Airport (EKVG).

Aerobask made headlines this week with the announcement of a new version of their popular Epic E1000. This version will include a G1000 in the sporting aircraft, which took flight for the first time in 2015.

JustSim announced and released a conversion of Digital Design’s Tenerife South (GCTS) this week, following a string of popular releases recently. It is available for 25.80 EUR from the simMarket.

Lastly for this week, FSInventions released FSFlyingSchool 2019. The plugin is designed so that a virtual instructor will aid your flights and give recommendations, praise and criticism. 2019 adds compatibility with numerous aircraft, including the Zibo 737, the FlyJSim Q400 and the Carenado C152 (with Nhadrian mod).


That’s all for this week!

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Happy flying - and have a wonderful day!

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