Sunday Review: 23rd September

Sam Clark
Sunday, September 23, 2018

Welcome to the Threshold Sunday Review

It’s been a relatively busy week in the X-Plane scene, with numerous addon updates from the likes of FlyJSim and two new aircraft announcements courtesy of Skyline Simulations and SimCoders. Lastly, we got our first look at the changes coming in 11.30 - perhaps even a new default aircraft!

We started the news week off strong with word of Skyline Simulations developing a “study-level” Dash-8. The aircraft is touted to come in both the 200 and 300 variants. Skyline have confirmed that the aircraft will have the UNS-1 flight management system and accurate flight dynamics.

Early renders of the Skyline Simulations Dash-8.

On Wednesday, we learned that SimCoders have been working with Javier Rollon to develop the SIAI-Marchetti SF-260. The single-prop will feature a native Reality Expansion Pack (REP).

Nhadrian’s mod got another handy update this week, including the addition of an incredibly detailed PBR engine cowling and a tool for VR users to properly configure the aircraft.

The new HUD shipping with v4.1.0.

FlyJSim released patches for two of its aircraft this week, the first being a post-release bug squasher for the 727 V3. The update fixes numerous bugs and fleshes out the maintenance system somewhat. The second patch released this week was for the 732 Classic. This patch adds a few cockpit and flight model improvements, as well as fixing numerous bugs.

Friday started off well with news from JustFlight, who had just released the Hawk T1/A for X-Plane. The military trainer was initially announced in February this year and has been previewed numerous times since then. It is available for purchase for $44.99 on the JustFlight store.

Finally this week, we got our first look at the changes coming in X-Plane version 11.30. The update features the long awaited aircraft particle system, overhauled voice ATC and native 4K panels.

The release notes provided to Threshold also indicated that an F-14 may be in the works at Laminar Research.

The News

As always, here is a short recap of the news we might have missed over the last 7 days.

Skyline Simulations continue to preview Terni

After the release of KCVG Cincinnati a few months ago, Skyline Simulations’ began work on Terni - a small airport in central Italy. Skyline have been extensively previewing Terni Airport in the past few weeks, suggesting that it is nearing completion. The latest of which shows the control tower at the regional airport.

Skyline Simulations show off more progress on Terni.

Check out Skyline Simulations on Facebook to see more images.


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