What to Expect for X-Plane at FSExpo 2019?

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Time has flown by recently and now FlightSimExpo 2019 is just a day or so away! North America's community-driven conference drew over 1,100 attendees last year, along with a wealth of X-Plane related news, community and creative content.

This year will be no different with a record number of exhibitors and attendees making their way to the Renaissance at SeaWorld for one huge weekend for the flight sim community.

Building on last year's success, Threshold will have a much larger presence at the event this year with three of our team heading down to the Sunshine State to cover what is likely one of flight sim's largest ever events.

One thing is for sure though - X-Plane will play a much larger role in proceedings than ever before. As such, we've put together a list of all the X-Plane related content so you can tune in to the news that matters to you.

We're hosting FSExpo's official live-streams from the event to our website on "The X-Plane Hub."

We've split this article up into a few different sub-sections - Exhibitors, Seminars, Product Announcements and Community.


There are plenty of X-Plane-related exhibitors at FSExpo this year. Here's our picks for the top movers-and-shakers at this year's conference.

Laminar Research

X-Plane's development company Laminar Research is making an appearance once again at this year's FlightSimExpo, with a double-booth near the main entrance. No word of what the stand will be like, however, they've hinted on social media that they're giving away merch both online and in-person.

X-Plane merch!


Multi-sim giants Aerosoft have secured a single booth this time around - again, no word on what to expect from these guys, however, we predict they'll have some of their X-Plane sceneries on hand to try out!

Threshold will be conducting an interview with Aerosoft during the event, so stay tuned afterwards to get the full scoop!


Australian multi-sim developer Orbx will be in attendance at this FlightSimExpo, with a large desk set up ready to show off the latest in scenery technology - perhaps even a pre-release preview of TrueEarth US Washington?


Online multiplayer network PilotEdge is making their presence known with a large set-up near the centre of the exhibitor floor, likely showcasing the latest in a string of revamps to their software.


Honeycomb have seen much hype in the community since the announcement of their flight controls - both a throttle quadrant and yoke are to be sold, with units of at least one of the products expected to be at the event!


The Positive Control Network will be making their name known at the Expo, with a large stand right next to Laminar Research's. We're unsure what to expect from these guys, though X-Plane news could be on the cards.


Once again online network VATSIM makes an appearance at a flightsim conference, this year with one of the largest stands at the Expo! Expect news on the long awaited new voice codec, and potentially some information regarding Swift, a new X-Plane pilot client.


HiFi Simulation Technologies made a splash with their first X-Plane product - Active Sky XP was and remains to be one of the most talked about addons thus far in X-Plane's V11 run. We're unsure how much they'll be showing off at the Expo, so stay tuned!


Lastly in our "Exhibitor" section, we've got Navigraph. The group recently revamped their charts software to have a much more intuitive layout, so demos of this and some native simulator integration are likely.


There are a range of different seminars happening at FSExpo 2019 - a couple of which hone in on X-Plane development. Here's our collection of them:

Laminar Research

Laminar developers are hosting a World Editor tutorial on Friday the 7th of June as a part of FSExpo's Captain's Corner series, showing off the recently released version 2 to the software.


Orbx's Jarrad Marshall is giving us all an in-depth tutorial on scenery design on Friday too, also as part of the Captain's Corner series.

Product Announcements

Here's arguably the most exciting part of the Expo - the product news! There are a few different X-Plane related talks happening throughout the conference - here's your list:

Laminar Research

For the third time Laminar are being mentioned in this article - they're hosting a product talk on Saturday afternoon to speak about the future of X-Plane. No word on what to expect yet - though, as always, we'll keep you posted on any developments.


Orbx's product talk will likely be a split between X-Plane and their other platforms (FSX, P3Dv4, Aerofly FS2 etc.), though we're still expecting a not insignificant amount of exciting new content from them. Perhaps it'll be similar to their big roadmap reveal at the end of last year.

Parallel 42

Something that ties in nicely with Orbx's seminar - Parallel 42 are a brand new company that appear to be developing an application for flightsim to be used on mobile devices. Check out the full teaser on Orbx's YouTube channel here.

Mettar Simulations

Whilst not expressly X-Plane, Mettar Simulations, creators of projectFLY and Simstall, have a 45 minute product announcement slot at FSExpo 2019. We're expecting some news on the future of projectFLY, as well as other projects.


The community aspect of FSExpo must not be forgotten either, though, being it that FSExpo markets themselves as "North America’s community-driven flight simulation conference." Here are some of the other events happening at the conference this year.

The X-Plane Landing Competition

For Laminar Research's final mention in this article, they're hosting an X-Plane Landing Competiton on Sunday the 9th of June from 9:30am - 10:30am. The approach selected by the LR crew was published via YouTube a few weeks ago. Check it out here.

FSExpo 2020 News

The organisers have shown ongoing commitment to running one of flightsim's largest events, with the venue for 2020's FlightSimExpo due to be announced at the end of FSExpo 2019, on Sunday from 2:30pm - 2:45pm.

We'll have the news out as soon as the organisers utter the words, so stay tuned!


That's all for X-Plane at FSExpo 2019 - Threshold will remain across all developments at the conference over the next few days, so be sure to tune in to our hub page for more!

"The X-Plane Hub" - our officially-endorsed hub for all things X-Plane at FSExpo will be launching later today, ahead of the first events in Orlando on Friday.

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