[Edit] Flight Factor Improving Exterior of Boeing 757

Friday, August 9, 2019

[Edit 11/08/19 14:37 GMT] Flight Factor have since replied to a user's comment confirming these visual upgrades will be a free upgrade for existing users. The original article can be viewed below.

New previews of an upcoming update to Flight Factor's Boeing 757 has been distributed on their Twitter feed.

The photos are accompanied by the message, "This just came from our 3d artist. How about that? Small but important improvements to the 757 3d model."

This is likely in response to many users unhappy with the visual model on the outside of the airliner, particularly with the wings.

The images show renders of the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) deployed, improvements to the left wing, the front, and a partly bare metal livery of Eastern Airlines.

At the end of last month, Flight Factor posted a single render of the RAT, along with updating their A320, 757 and 767.

It is unclear at this time whether these visual improvements will be a part of the paid upgrade that will contain the Flat Panel Display System avionics.

The upgraded avionics suite was previewed in the simulator two weeks ago. More details below:

Flight Factor Previews Flat Panel Display System in Action
Flight Factor Previews Flat Panel Display System in Action

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