Flight Factor FPDS Entering Beta; "Most Likely" Paid Upgrade

Friday, August 2, 2019

[UPDATE 1018z]: In a series of replies to the source tweet, Flight Factor has all but confirmed that the Flat Panel Display System update will be a paid upgrade, on top of the Extended package price tag.

In a brief tweet, Flight Factor has announced that development of the Flight Panel Display System is approaching its beta run.

The Flat Panel Display System (FPDS) are four simulated displays that eliminates most traditional instrument gauges and the small CRT displays with LED ones. These upgrades will be made available for Flight Factor's 757.

Threshold was the first to report the coming of the FPDS system to the Flight Factor 757 with an article back in April.

In the image above, we can see a new menu setting for the "FPDS upgrade", which may indicate the FPDS system may be a paid upgrade similarly to that of the 757 Extended.

This is the latest in a raft of news coming from the Russian aircraft outfit after the creation of their Twitter account just over a month ago. Some of the latest updates come courtesy of the A320 team, who recently added Weather Radar to a stable release.

The team earlier demonstrated the FPDS system's functionality in a series of images which you can see here: LINK

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