Athens (LGAV) by FlyTampa Released

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Following many months of development, FlyTampa, with the assistance of Descent2View Simulation, has released their Athens scenery for X-Plane 11.

The scenery was announced back on the 1st March of this year, followed by an exclusive set of previews.

According to the product page, Athens contains:

  • 3D Terrain and Taxiway bridges
  • PBR Textures and Dynamic Lighting (X-Plane only)
  • Animated apron Vehicles, Trains and highway Traffic
  • Unique terrain and pavement rendition techniques
  • SAM Animated Jetways and Docking Signs (X-Plane only)

Athens International Airport is Greece's largest airport, serving the country domestically, and the world internationally. Greek airlines comprise about half of the market share, whilst Germany is the most popular destination outside the country.

The airport is available for US $28.00 at the FlyTampa store. The product page is available to view here.

In other FlyTampa news, the developer recently announced more large airports for X-Plane 11. These include Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Las Vegas. Additional details in this article. Thessaloniki (LGTS) was also released at the beginning of this month.

Stay updated with FlyTampa on their Facebook page.

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