Flight Simulation Sales Rundown - Black Friday '20

November 25, 2020

It's that time of year again, with Christmas just around the corner, Black Friday is the best pre-Holiday Season shopping opportunity with sales galore. This year is no exception, with thousands of flight simulation products from various different outlets discounted including those for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Deals from X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator and a select few good offers from Prepar3D have been included in this list - so you can find the best discounts in one place. As always, developers are listed in alphabetical order and all dollar ($) amounts are in United States Dollars (USD) unless otherwise specified.

We'll keep this list updated throughout the weekend and up to Cyber Monday (November 30th) with new deals as they appear.

[Latest Edits: 700+ products added as a result of the X-Plane.org Store sale]



Parallel42 have sliced a cool 42% off their range of immersion packages in addition to the sim-staple Chaseplane, which is now selling for $27.26 AUD.

Check it out on OrbxDirect.


29Palms' one and only scenery on X-Aviation is on sale this Black Friday, with KTNP (Twentynine Palms Airport) down to $10.95 from $15.95.

See more on X-Aviation.

Advanced Flight Modelling (AFM)

AFM are offering a discount on their M20 Collection this weekend. The Collection includes the M20R Ovation II, M20R Ovation III and the M20TN Acclaim Type S. Through to Sunday, it is available for $24.95.

To make the most of this discount, check it out on X-Aviation.


Aerobask products are discounted in the Black Friday sales too, with their Diamond DA-62 down to $22.97 from $34.95.

See more on the X-Plane.org store.


Both of AeroDesign's American sceneries are on sale this weekend, with both Columbus and Portland (Maine) Airports at $12.95 USD.

Check it out here.


Aerosoft's "Black Week" sale is on now, with 25% off across the range. To use, simply enter the offer code "BLACKWEEK25" when checking out on the Aerosoft store.

Available only on the Aerosoft Store.


AirfoilLabs' both X-Plane products are discounted this weekend. The King Air 350, which was released this year, is down to $34.97 from $49.95, a saving of $14.98.

See that and the 172 here.

Airworthy Designs

The Princess of the Carribbean is now on sale - Princess Juliana Int'l is available for just $23.07, down from $32.95. Part II of the series is also discounted.

See more on the X-Plane.org store.

Attitude Simulations

Scenery developers Attitude Simulations have given us a nice discount on both of their products. The products are from their "Gate to the Great Lakes" series and include the Fox Islands ($14.95) and Custer ($17.95).

Discounts available at X-Aviation.


Developer Avia71 is offering discounts on their products for the next few days, with their flagship Aerostar 601P down to $17.97, from $29.95.

Check it out here.

Aviotek Simulation

Aviotek Simulations have announced their Black Friday discounts, featuring five of their products. Dubai Int'l is available for $14.95USD, Skiathos Island Airport for $14.95 and Venice Marco Polo is discounted to $9.95.

See more at X-Aviation.


Whilst Axonos are selling their sceneries at 30% off this weekend, the older JustAsia brand-airports are half price this Black Friday.

Grab a deal here.

BlueSkyStar Simulations

Sound pack specialists BlueSkyStar Simulations have sliced $6.00 off their range of soundpacks, with their ToLiss A321 product now at $13.99 USD.

Via the X-Plane.org Store.


Boundless' three X-Plane 11 airports are on sale this weekend as well, with discounts on Kerry, Birmingham and Isle of Man Airports to be had, the cheapest sitting at just $8.99 USD.

View more on the X-Plane.org Store.


All of Canada4XPlane's sceneries are on sale this weekend, with the likes of Hamilton International Airport going for as low as $7.19 USD.

Check it out on the X-Plane.org Store.


Colimata's Concorde FXP is discounted this weekend, just ahead of it's version 1 release. Currently in earlier access, the plane is selling for $39.95, a tidy saving of $10.

See more on the X-Plane.org Store.


Descent2View's only solo project, Chios, is on sale this weekend, at $13.00 - down from $26.00. The developer typically works with others to convert their products to X-Plane, such as FlyTampa.

Check it out here.

Dreamflight Studios

Dreamflight Studios' range of sceneries (excluding the very recently released Liberia International for MSFS) are all 50% off this Black Friday, with sceneries for Prepar3D, FSX and X-Plane 11 offered.

Check it out here.

Dreamfoil Creations

Aircraft developers Dreamfoil Creations have discounted all of their products in time for Black Friday this year. The Embraer 110 Bandeirante is available for $14.95, down from $29.95.

See more on the X-Plane.org store.

Drzewiecki Design

Products from Drzewiecki Design are now available on sale for up to 50% off for Black Friday. Some of their most popular products include New York Airport XP, New York City XP and the newly released combo of Seattle Airports and Seattle City XP.

Deals are available from PCAviator here. Also available on simMarket.


Makers of aircraft for Prepar3D and ATC simulation game Tower!3D, FeelThere's range is 40% off this weekend on simMarket.

Purchase here.

Flightbeam Studios

All of Flightbeam Studios' sceneries are on sale this weekend, including those for X-Plane 11.

You can grab them from simMarket.


FlightFactor have released a raft of sales this Black Friday weekend, including the 767 Extended, which is now down to $64.50. The A320 Ultimate is down to $76.46 too.

See all the details on the X-Plane.org store.


Polish developer FlyDesign have discounted all of their products this weekend. Notably, their rendition of Cannes Airport is down to $13.97.

Check it out here.


Our friends at FlyJSim are holding a 30% off sale this weekend, with discounts available on both the 732 Twinjet V3 and 727 Series V3.

Grab the deal here.


FlySimWare's range of aircraft for ESP-platforms has been heavily discounted this week, with deals as low as EUR 8.50 available.

See more on simMarket.


The famed Prepar3D developer has discounted their range of scenery this weekend. The likes of Corfu (LGKR) is now available for $13.00 on the X-Plane.org store.

Check it out here.

FLY X Simulations

All three of FLY X Simulations' airports are discounted this weekend, ranging from northern Finland and Rovaniemi or down to the Canary Islands with Fuerteventura.

Check it out here.


All of FranceVFR's products from FS2004 all the way up to Prepar3D v5 - whether it be photoscenery, VFR landmarks or airports are all 40% off this Black Friday and available from simMarket.

See more.

Frank Dainese

Products by Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini have been discounted this sale season, with Matterhorn 3D, Everest Park 3D and Cerro-Torre/Fitz-Roy 3D and more all carrying discounts.

See more here.


Multi-crew simulation tools courtesy of FS2Crew are 30% off this weekend, with versions available for a number of popular Prepar3D aircraft - most currently sit in the EUR 27.00 price range at the time of writing.

Check it out here.


Creator of a number of large-scale airports and utilities for Prepar3D, 40% discounts can be had across the range of FSDreamTeam's products, with their most expensive product - GSX - down to just EUR 20.40.

Grab any one of their products from simMarket.


Edmonton and Kelowna for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D are 30% off this weekend, alongside Vancouver for Prepar3D which is 10% off.

View more.

Gaffer Simulations

Gaffer Simulations' South African sceneries for both Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator have seen 35% taken off this Black Friday, including the newly released King Shaka (FALE) for MSFS.

Grab it here.

Gaya Simulations

On the same platform as Orbx, Gaya Simulations' Black Friday sale is a bit different to that of their publisher, with 15% off all Microsoft Flight Simulator products, discounts of 30% for Prepar3D sceneries and 40% off for X-Plane.

See more on their page on OrbxDirect.


Brazilian scenery team GloballArt are offering 20-50% off on their products for Black Friday. CYUL Montreal is available for $14.97, Toronto (CYYZ) is 30% off at $17.97 and their South American sceneries are all available with hefty discounts of upwards of 40% off.

Currently the sale is available on the X-Plane.org Store.

HST Simulations

Makers of xAmbience and a number of other X-Plane utilities, HST Simulations' range is discounted up to 50% off this week. Their Water Enhancement software is now selling for just $7.50 USD.

Check it out here.

Icarus Simulations

Originally working with members of Skyline Simulations, Icarus Simulations have released numerous sceneries for X-Plane. All of their products, KEYW, KSAN and LEVC are priced at $14.95 right now.

See more on X-Aviation.

IRIS Simulations

IRIS Simulations' Jabiru J160/J170 aircraft has been discounted this weekend, with 30% off bringing it down to just $24.50 AUD.

Grab it on OrbxDirect.


The International X-Plane Engineering Group and their only product, the 737 Classic, has long been reveared in the X-Plane community, and for the third time ever, is on sale. It took until 2018's Cyber Monday sale on X-Aviation for the plane to sell below RRP, but is now available for $49.95, down from $74.95.

It's flight planning tool, not made by IXEG, is also on sale.

See it on X-Aviation.


JARDesign have discounted all of their products this weekend. The A330 is now available for just $42.67, down from $60.95.

Purchase it on the X-Plane.org store.


Javier Rollon's products are on sale this weekend on X-Aviation. His most popular aircraft, the CRJ-200 is now $29.95, down from $39.95. Some of his other aircraft, including the BAe Jetstream 32, are also on sale.

Grab it from X-Aviation.

Just Flight

Most of Just Flight's range of aircraft and utilities have been discounted this Black Friday, with the omission of Traffic Global - however, Air Hauler 2 for X-Plane and popular aircraft like the Cessna 152 and DC Designs F-15 are selling for under right reserve price this weekend.

Grab a bargain on Just Flight's website.


Russian developers JustSim have released ~35% discounts across their range of sceneries, following their partners Digital Design in doing so.

See more information on the X-Plane.org Store.


A tidy 40% off LatinVFR products can be had this weekend only, with their range of large airports now available for as cheap as EUR 17.99 in the case of Madrid and for smaller airports, even lower.

simMarket is the site to visit for these deals, which you can do so here.

Leading Edge Simulations

The LES Saab 340A is now available for 40% off on X-Aviation. The critically acclaimed turbo prop is on sale for $29.95. Their Douglas DC-3 is for sale this weekend and is available for $17.95.

See X-Aviation for more details.

Logo Projects

Logo Projects have discounted their current X-Plane sceneries, which are of high quality. Santorini, La Rochelle and Barcelona City VFR are currently retailing in the 12 Euro price range, down from approximately EUR 25.00 each.

See more details.


Majestic Software's Q400 Pro edition has seen 40% slashed off the price for the next week, bringing it down to just EUR 36.59 - cheaper than the 'Pilot' edition of the aircraft, which has not seen the same discount this Black Friday.

Purchase on simMarket.


Maxx-XP are offering deals on 4 of their products. SkyMaxx Pro v4 is on sale for 50% off this weekend, down to $19.95 USD from $39.95. MaxxFX, SoundMaxx and TerraMaxx also carry similar discounts.

Available from X-Aviation.


Aircraft/scenery development team Nimbus Simulations are offering discounts on all of their products this weekend.  The recently released BN-2 Islander is sitting at $24.47 USD.

See the X-Plane.org Store for more.


Over 250 products have been discounted in Orbx's Black Friday sale, with savings of up to 50% to be had across their range. Some partner products and no products younger than 90-days have been discounted.

Check it out on OrbxDirect.


Pacific Islands Simulation have issued a tidy 20% discount to all of their products on their website this Black Friday too.

Make the most of this deal here.

Pilot Experience Sim

French developer Pilot Experience Sim are offering half price on their range of products this weekend, with Prepar3D versions of Bordeaux-Merignac and Montpellier both under EUR 11.00.

'Experience' it for yourself on simMarket.


All products in PilotPlus' line-up, with the exception of Wycombe Airpark for Microsoft Flight Simulator, have seen 30% taken off the right reserve price this weekend.

Check it out here.


All of PILOT'S' addons are discounted this weekend, with FS Global Real Weather down to $34.95 USD from $49.95 USD.

PILOT'S range is available from simMarket. FSGRW is available from X-Aviation.


Both Prealsoft's airports range and their HD Cities line of products have been discounted this Black Friday, all with 25% off their normal prices.

Check it out on simMarket.

Pyreegue Dev. Co.

Pyreegue's two products, Tivat and the Airport Layout Enhancement Solution, have special deals running this Black Friday.

See more.

RD Studios

Both Half Moon Bay and Riverside Municipal Airports from RD Studios are discounted the weekend, with the latter at $17.50 USD.

Check it out.


REX Game Studios are hosting a 40% off sale right through to Cyber Monday this Black Friday weekend, with 'key' products like Environment Force & SkyForce 3D for Prepar3D and the new Weather Force for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

See the full list of discounted products on the group's website.


The scenery developer has sliced prices this weekend, with their European sceneries now selling in the EUR 10-15 bracket, down from EUR 17-22.

Check it out on simMarket.

ShortFinal Design

ShortFinal Design, aka MisterX6, is offering deals on all his sceneries this weekend only. His immensly popular KLAX HD is $7 off, at $18.87. SFD Global is also discounted, down to $21.00.

See more on the X-Plane.org store.


A quick adopter of the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform, SierraSim Simulations are already in a position to offer five of their airports for the platform for 40% off this weekend, in addition to similar discounts across their Prepar3D and FSX ranges.

Check it out on simMarket.


All Reality Expansion Packs are on sale this weekend, down from $15.99 USD to just $13.99 USD.

View the selection on the X-Plane.org Store.

Skyline Simulations

Skyline Simulations products are discounted this weekend as well. KCVG Cincinnati is available for $13.80, down from $23.00. Their other products include KSNA John Wayne, LIAA Terni and MKJS Montego Bay.

Available on the X-Plane.org store.


Supercritical Simulations are offering yet more good deals on their products. Their E-Jets and 747-8i v2 series are both on sale this weekend.

Available on the X-Plane.org Store.


The Rotatesim MD-80 is on sale this weekend, down to $45.00 from $59.95.

It is available from the X-Plane.org store.


All Taburet sceneries are 30% off this weekend. This includes sceneries from their night, autogen, mesh and photoreal product lines for Prepar3D and X-Plane 11. Prices vary from €6.99 upwards.

Discounts are available on simMarket.


Developer of a number of large-scale airports for Prepar3D, Taxi2Gate has supplied a tidy 25% discount off their products this weekend, with the likes of Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Mexico City Airports hovering around EUR 20.00.

Grab the deal here.


Asian scenery developer TechnoBrain is offering 25% off their entire range this weekend too, with their range of Japanese airports now available for around EUR 29.25, down from EUR 39.00 in most cases.

See more on simMarket.

TFDi Design

The iconic Boeing 717 is seeing one of its largest ever sales this weekend, with a price of $43.50 AUD marking a discount of 50% off. PACX is also down 30% on its normal price, sitting at $29.39 AUD.

Check it out on OrbxDirect.

Thranda Design

Dan Klaue's Thranda Design have issued discounts on their products this weekend, with the Kodiak Quest G1000 down almost $20 to $16.48 USD.

View more.

TOGA Projects

Prepar3D utilities developer TOGA Projects has brought 10, 20 and 30% discounts to Envshade, Envsound and Envtex respectively, with the former retailing for just EUR 5.04 over on simMarket.

See more here.


The ToLiss A319 and A321 are discounted for Black Friday, down to $59.00 from $79.00.

Check out the details on the X-Plane.org store.


Our friends at TorqueSim have dropped their Pocket Rocket down by a third for Black Friday this weekend, now at $24.95 from $44.95. The BN-2 Islander is also on sale, at $22.95 USD, however, the SR20 and SR22 are not.

Check it out over on X-Aviation.


TropicalSim are offering 40% off on their sceneries this weekend, with some X-Plane products available for as low as €6.30. Their Prepar3D range is slightly more expensive.

Deals are available on simMarket.

Ultra Weather XP

Popular weather tool UWXP is on sale for $24.50, down from $35.00. It is available on the X-Plane.org Store.

Buy it here.

Verticalsim Studios

American scenery maker Verticalsim Studios unveiled discounts across their range for Black Friday almost a week in advance of the date, with sceneries to be had for as cheap as $3.50 USD in the case of Long Island McArthur Airport for X-Plane - their newest for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Clearwater Air Park, is discounted to $5.49 USD too.

See more on Verticalsim's web store.


All of vFlyteAir's X-Plane products are discounted this weekend. One of the notable deals is on the Arrow III, down to just $14.97, from $29.95.

See more on the X-Plane.org store.

Vidan Design

Danish developers Vidan Design have discounted their entire range this weekend, with 25% off discounts to be had bringing some sceneries down to under EUR 8.00.

Check it out on simMarket.


Aircraft developer Virtualcol has listed all of their products for 30% off this weekend, having products compatible with Prepar3D, FSX and FS2004 still on sale.

View more on simMarket.

Virtual Design

The excellent Alicante Airport recreation by Virtual Design has seen $6.00 scraped from the price this weekend, selling now for just $13.99 USD.

Via the X-Plane.org Store.


Experimental experts VSkyLabs have discounted their entire range of weird and wacky aircraft types, with discounts of around $7.00 to be had everywhere.

Check it out here.

WF Scenery Studio

Asian scenery developer WF Scenery Studio has taken a quarter of the right reserve price off all of their products this weekend, with Hong Kong International Airport down to EUR 17.93.

Purchase it here.


The X-Crafts Embraers are on sale this Black Friday, with a single ERJ to set you back $39.96 USD or the bundle at $71.96 USD. The E-Jets carry similar discounts.

Via the X-Plane.org Store.


All of X-Codr’s payware sceneries have been discounted recently, with Telluride, Sedona, Mammoth-Yoesmite, Evansville, Denver and the Airport Enhancement Pack all carrying discounts.

Available here.


X-Plane immersion tool XPRealistic is on sale this weekend, with version two now only $17.99 USD, down from $34.99 USD.

Buy it here.


Military-based developers X-Trident have discounted three of their range on the X-Plane.org Store. The Bell 412, Harrier AV-8B and Panavia Tornado are all on sale this weekend.

Learn more here.


That's all so far this Black Friday - do be sure to let us know if you spot any other deals that aren't yet on our list! You can email us here or flick us a message on our Discord server.

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