Flight Simulator Enthusiasts Solve Real-World Aviation Crisis

April 1, 2023

Introduction: The Concealed Calamity

A hushed-down, ongoing aviation crisis has been lurking beneath the surface for years, with air traffic controllers facing daily overloads that lead to dangerous situations. Governments worldwide have collaborated to hide this critical issue from the public. The flight simulation world, becoming increasingly realistic, has unexpectedly uncovered this alarming issue. Threshold editorial promises to deliver follow-up stories on the politics behind this topic but due to the gravity of the situation the entire team are following and writing this story from an undisclosed location north of Innsbrück Airport overlooking the airfield.

The Threshold Team will have to get used to this view while they are in hiding. Not knowing how long this threat will last, the team frequently visits Café Sailer to compensate for the isolation and emotional stress.

The Cry for Help: Piercing the Veil of Silence

As flight simulation communities worldwide discovered the extent of the crisis, they cried out a desperate warning to the aviation industry. Initially, authorities dismissed their concerns, but it became more and more evident that there had been a problem deep in the ATC systems for decades. And that the authorities had, and still seems to be bound by, an economic interest in keeping the status quo. Any outcry in public that has pointed to the issue to this day has been met with “haters gonna hate” arguments, and “No, you!” comments became so commonplace that the focus slowly shifted towards the community-members mothers. We also suspect moderators in the large forums of being involved in the silencing to some extent.

Flight simmers discuss "No, you!" comments behind closed doors. The heat was hot on Discord for a long period of time.
The crisis at hand: "We have long passed the Threshold of anarchy in the ATC world!" -anonymous

The Unlikely Heroes: Rivals United by Passion

A group of flight simulation enthusiasts from rival communities VATSIM, PilotEdge, and the elders from AVSIM found each other through a support group called PFOX (People For Orthos in X-Plane-12). They started talking about solutions to the crisis on Discord, far away from any, as they called it: boomer platforms, and compared notes from their years of flight simulation experiences. Their dedication to their hobby had prepared them for this critical moment, and their virtual experiences became the foundation for their groundbreaking solution.

Flight Sim Enthusiast discovering the complexity of ATC. (Photo taken by Marge in 1964, a flight sim enthusiasts mother, who expresses that she is appalled by the Discord and Reddit comments. Her son would like to point out that he was not the one calling AVSIM a boomer platform.)
Screenshot from discord where members discuss the severity of both reporting the issues or ignoring it. The tense times were very tense.

The Solution: chadGPT

Together, the flight simulation enthusiasts conceived the ChecksumHolisticAvionicsDiaframe solutions by Gunn Petter Torgeirson (chadGPT) to revolutionise air traffic control. ChadGPT is an AI previously dismissed for adapting the personality of Pinochet and Genghis Khan. Still, combined with simulation software and Internal Navigation Systems originally developed for the German V2 rocket, it became an innovative solution. Housing one of the first successful systems for self-guided airborne objects, chadGPT could use a series of accelerometers and gyroscopes to determine its position. With the last key of connecting to the latest NAVIGRAPH charts, chadGPT became sentient with the ability to solve the crisis by just existing. This was discovered when the father of one of the group members entered his teenage son's dark-lit room and saw the solution to his department on the greasy boy's computer screen.

Gunn Petter shows chadGTP the url to NAVIGRAPH charts. (actual photo taken by fellow community members from the same discord)

The Implementation: A Secret Cartel's Involvement

In a high-stakes, dramatic series of events, the flight simulation enthusiasts worked tirelessly to implement chadGPT. It just so happened that Gunn Petter Torgeirson was the son of the ICO, a secretive organisation similar to a cartel, which coordinates the principles and techniques of international air navigation, and fosters the planning and development of international air transport to ensure safe and orderly growth. As the new system took hold, signs of success emerged, with safer and more efficient air traffic patterns becoming a reality. The once-dismissed virtual pilots were now making a real-world impact.

The INS. The height of technology when the ATC complication chart was still just in the yellow and we could see a huge slow down in the "what" parameters.

The Aftermath: Unsung Heroes in the Shadows

Despite the success of the chadGPT system, flight simulation enthusiasts have yet to receive global recognition due to the ICO's continued efforts to hush the topic and downplay the role of the flight sim community. The ICO's secrecy and power prevented the truth from being widely known, leaving the virtual heroes in the shadows. Threshold has received numerous threats and comments about our own mothers that led us to go into hiding. Words have come to us that Gunn Petter Torgeirson now has a position in the Swiss government that the ICO closely monitors.

ChadGPT working the magic with the rest of the unsung heroes blurred out for their own protection.

Conclusion: The Silent Salute to Unrecognized Saviors

In a twist of fate, virtual pilots from rival communities came together to save the day. The story of chadGPT is a tongue-in-cheek reminder that unlikely heroes can make a difference and that collaboration can lead to extraordinary solutions, even if they remain unrecognised. As the skies clear and safety returns to air travel, we salute the flight simulation enthusiasts who made it all possible, even if their story remains untold.

So, buckle up and keep an eye on the virtual skies; you never know where the next innovative solution might come from! And stay tuned for more revelations from Threshold's courageous team as they uncover the hidden truths of the aviation world.

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