No Money Mondays : The Bell 429 Global Ranger

October 18, 2023

This weeks, No Money Monday "beats air into submission!" jXt brings us the Bell 429 Global Ranger as their first aircraft addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Global Ranger is a twin-engine multi-mission aircraft ranging from corporate transport medivac to search and rescue. The 429 can cruise at 155 knots with a max range and endurance of 411 Nm/4.5 Hrs. while powered by Dual Prat & Whitney engines. As the successor to the 427, the 429 made its first flight in February 2007, with over four hundred units built thus far.   

The Bell 429 is available for free in the Microsoft Flight Simulator, thanks to Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations, the original developer of the sim model. Eagle Rotorcraft granted permission for the community to continue developing it as freeware, which means that the quality of this add on will improve over time. Regular updates are available on jXt's Discord, with the latest update previously released on the 8th of October. These updates include various fixes and improvements to the flight model.

Many features that give this Bell a pick for No Money Monday include a functional virtual cockpit. Work is currently underway to integrate the TDS GTN750/650. Enhanced sounds are also provided with the model. The best part is this is the early stages of the addon that will remain freeware, according to jXt Simulations. You'll also find a host of liveries for the 429 by community members, from private operators to medical airlift to governmental liveries.

[jXt Simulations]

To check out more about the project and to download the latest build, see the Discord Dev-builds page or download here. Keep an eye on this one and contribute to the progress with feedback or development help. The community thrives on projects like these.

Be sure to stay tuned to Threshold next week, to see where the freeware fun heads to next!

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