No Money Mondays: Bell 429

August 27, 2018

The Bell 429 offers a striking experience in many ways. Originally released alittle over a year ago, it has received many small updates and, with sixty-six liveries included, it is easy to see why the Bell 429 is popular amongst X-Plane users. Add this to X-Plane’s existing flight model, and it becomes an enjoyable aircraft that can be flown for free.

Inside, the 429 houses impressive custom systems that closely resemble the actual aircraft. The interior also adapts depending on the livery selected, with configurations including an air ambulance, passenger options, police, and more. On the outside, attention to detail in the 3D model is coupled with Physics Based Rendering (PBR) to deliver the ideal helicopter for any scenario.

There are too many extras to list here, but included are various optional 3D models, seven openable doors, load configurations, and more! The custom sounds included are powered by SASL, so that combined with scenarios such as transporting cargo or rescuing people allows the Bell 429 to express a sense of purpose within the X-Plane world – which very few freeware aircraft can accomplish well.

Overall, the Bell 429 by timber61 is a high-quality helicopter with many small extras. It is ideal and perfect for anyone of any experience, to try their hand at one of X-Plane’s finest freeware. The Bell 429 is available for free here.

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