No Money Monday: mSparks 747-400

February 18, 2023

The mSparks 747 offers a free, detailed and realistic simulation of the Boeing 747-400, one of the most iconic and popular commercial aircraft in aviation history. This add-on features a custom overhauled cockpit with improved avionics, accurate flight dynamics, in-depth functioning systems, and many other features that enhance the overall flight simulation experience when compared to the default 747. The mSparks 747-400 is a popular choice among X-Plane users who are looking for a high-quality, free option to add to their simulator.

The freeware aircraft comes with a host of customizable options to ensure the aircraft variant your using matches your mission, you can choose between Pratt and Whitney, General Electric or Rolls Royce engines all of which come with different detailed models and custom sounds. You can configure the aircraft as a Passenger or Freighter variant and you can even choose whether the aircraft is fitted with LCD or old CRT screens! Each of these options has different displays and sounds which are sure to immerse you in the glory of the Boeing 747. 

You can get the Sparky 744 from the forums for free today! 

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