No Money Monday: GHansen's Gulfstream G-IV

January 3, 2022

In this week's publication of "No Money Monday," the freeware GHansen Gulfstream G-IV takes center stage. This G-IV is an enjoyable introduction to the business jet scene in X-Plane 11. Features such as its custom flight model, accurate quirks simulation such as its inverted speed tape, and overpowered engines will help you feel immersed in the "Gulfstream experience." GHansen has become one of the most notorious freeware developers by blessing the community with a venerable aircraft that has now been downloaded over 142,000 times on the X-Plane forums.

First flown in 1985, the G-IV has become a staple of the Gulfstream line-up, as it succeeded its outdated predecessor, the Gulfstream GIII. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the aircraft was ahead of its time, setting dozens of international flight time records as it grazed around the world. Highlighting the incredible speed of the G-IV, its maximum cruise speed is marketed at Mach 0.88, faster than most turbine aircraft. Later model G-IVs presented avionics configurations such as the Honeywell SPZ 8400 Digital Avionics package, as is found in GHansen’s rendition. This specific avionics package is infamous for its awkward inverted speed tape, a trademark of Gulfstream aircraft.  

GHansen's rendition of the G-IV features an accurate yet no-thrills aircraft model. It features a very basic PBR that satisfies the average simmer. The textures follow suit, as they aren't the most thrilling work, but they get the job done for a freeware aircraft. Liveries are available as a separate download. 

While the G-IV doesn't incorporate amenities such as AviTab or Librain, it does feature integrated X-RAAS (Runway Awareness and Advisory System). You will find that most switches are usable, and systems are well accommodated in the G-IV. It features a default X-Plane FMS that nicely ties into the rest of the systems. Incorporated in the aircraft is a fully functioning autopilot with a working VNAV. GHansen has also accurately portrayed each in-game system to its real-life counterpart. 

The flight model is a bit slippery, probably due to the athletic nature of the aircraft in real life and the plane's overpowered engines. It's realistic to expect to go from wheels up to cruise in about 10-or-so minutes. Do not be startled by drastic climb rates and incredibly fast takeoff runs. 

In conclusion, for an aircraft originally developed in X-Plane 11, it’s an excellent addition to your collection. There are a few mods available for download to improve cockpit textures, among other minute details, for those who desire to enhance their experience. Do not expect system simulation to the likes of the Zibo 737 or the modelling of the HoldMyBeer SR22, but the G-IV proves as an excellent introduction to the X-Plane 11 freeware scene.

Interested in taking the Gulfstream for a test flight? You can find the download for the aircraft on the Forums.

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