No Money Mondays: Ekre’s Helicopter Training Ground

May 7, 2019

For this week's No Money Monday, we return to scenery, this time with Ekre’s Helicopter Training Ground V3. Ekre recently released this scenery package based on Hovercontrol’s V2 of the project.

Ekre is behind many popular X-Plane freeware projects like the Mil Mi-2 with over 10,000 downloads and librain integration into many X-Plane default aircraft, but also more recently his Wonders of the World series.

His latest package is based in New Zealand and includes one airfield, one helicopter landing area and many on sea landing areas like frigates and aircraft carriers.

The developer says:

“This set is designed specifically for Helicopter pilots to be able to train and practice exercises that will help them become better rotary wing pilots. It is best used online with other pilots to coach you with tips.”

The scenery features an audio guide of useful tips and tricks from the Field Noise plugin.

The scenery is available to download here from the Threshold Forum.

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