No Money Mondays: Aviotek Simulations FlyOzzano for X-Plane 11

June 28, 2021
Alexandre Faroux
nobody, apparently.

In this week’s edition of No Money Mondays, we will be taking a look at a scenery released by the multi-platform developer Aviotek Simulations in April 2020, the small Italian airfield of FlyOzzano. 

FlyOzzano (LIKO) is a small airfield located near the city of Bologna in Italy, equipped with a short 840-meters asphalt runway it is often ranked as one of the nicest airfields in Italy. The airfield also is ground to a flight school and maintenance area as well as an aeroplane-shaped pool. 

The installation process is simple: simply download the free add-on from the developer’s website, extract the file and drop it into your custom scenery folder. For the best experience, I recommend pairing the scenery up with Ortho4XP orthophotos and SimHeaven’s X-Europe, the latter is not recommended for lower-end computers.

My first impressions are very good, the surrounding scenery is beautiful and the airport looks good from the air. After touching down I can’t help but notice the fantastic ground textures that the developer used, all 4K. 3D grass is also used to add immersion even though in my opinion, the grass is not as well done as the asphalt runway and taxiways. 

All buildings are accurately placed, their modelling and textures are almost flawless with some textures lacking quality. Everything from the sunbeds near the pool to the fuel pump of the glider hangar is modelled in this scenery. The hangar doors can also be operated using the SAM plugin

The scenery also includes high-quality ortho-scenery that adds immersion to the add-on with some areas reaching a density of 15cm/px.

To download the Aviotek Simulations FlyOzzano scenery for X-Plane 11, visit their website. Check out our latest article about Aviotek, covering their upcoming Frankfurt Airport. 

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