No Money Mondays: Where2Fly

September 18, 2023

Every flight simmer goes through the same problem. No matter how experienced you are, we’ve all struggled to know where to fly at one point or another. So, that’s why in this week’s edition of No Money Mondays, we’re checking out the amazing tool that is Where2Fly!

Where2Fly is a website that helps give you inspiration on what destination appeals to you the most. It was created by fellow simmer Daniel Lange, to help alleviate the struggle. It does this through a few functions, such as a basic search, which allows you to input the aircraft type code that you want to fly, the ICAO where you’re starting from, preferred flight time, and destination area. It also comes with a more advanced search function, if you want to refine your preferences even further. It has functions where you can filter to only airports with good VATSIM ATC coverage, or only if there’s a real route between the two airports, and even a variety of different weather conditions.

You can also filter the search by runway length and airport size, so you can tailor fit your route to your liking. Alongside the very powerful search functions, it also has a list of top airports per continent, based on the worst weather.

You can check it over at!

Be sure to stay tuned to Threshold next week, to see where the freeware fun heads to next!

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