Weekly News Recap: August 12

Sam Clark
Sunday, August 12, 2018


Welcome to Threshold’s weekly news recap for today the 12th of August, 2018. We aim for this weekly piece to be a collection of all the news that we didn’t get to, as well as where we take a look back at all the headlines from the X-Plane world. The Threshold Weekly News Recap is released every Sunday.

In case you missed it:

FlyJSim release the highly anticipated 727 version 3, the 737 Ultimate migrates to our very own Threshold forum, Ultra Weather XP v2.4 is released, Northern Sky Studios release PAKT Ketchikan and Attitude Simulations release the Fox Islands for X-Plane.

PilotPlus release EGKK Gatwick v2

Scenery development team PilotPlus have released version 2 of their EGKK Gatwick scenery. The scenery was originally released in December 2016 and has seen one update since then. The update adds Pier 1, PBR ground textures and World Traffic 3 compatibility. See the full changelog below:

  • Added Pier 1 & Surroundings
  • PBR ground overhaul with specular (Concrete tiles, asphalt)
  • World Traffic 3 compatibility (Removed static planes)
  • Fixed AI traffic routes
  • General misc object placement/ clutter around the new pier
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Revamped apron lights, utilising PBR reflections and custom spills
  • Added Green walkways & new taxiways
  • Updated airport layout, start gates and ground poly placement (To date)

GloballArt preview new airport; likely CYUL Montreal

Brazilian developers GloballArt have teased us with new images of their latest X-Plane creation. The lone preview screenshot shows what appears to be CYUL Montreal Airport shrouded in darkness.

No other information is available at the moment - Threshold will keep you updated.

Dreamfoil Creations share renders of MD500D

One for the helicopter simmers out there! After the re-release of the Embraer 110 Bandit just last week, Dreamfoil Creations have shown off new renders of their upcoming MD 500D. The aircraft is classed as a light utility helicopter and is used by numerous police departments around the world.

The MD 500D has seen military service in just two countries - El Salvador and North Korea (yes, North Korea). The DPRK order the helicopter in 1985, receiving ~60 deliveries until halted by the US government.

Skyline Simulations tease new Italian airport

After the release of KCVG Cincinnati about a month ago, Skyline Simulations already have their sights set for another solo scenery release, this time across the pond in Italy. In a teaser post on Facebook, Skyline challenged their followers to guess the airport in development - the result being Terni, located in central Italy.

vFlyteAir Comco-Ikarus C42C enters beta stage

A new GA aircraft is on the horizon; the vFlyteAir Comco-Ikarus C42C is due out towards the end of this month. The package will include two variants, a basic trainer level aircraft and the “full-panel” edition, with a more advanced cockpit.

Check out the new video:


XPRealistic debut two new beta immersion features

Immersion tool XPRealistic have debuted two new turbulence features to be included with the next version of the plugin. Check them out below:

Clear Air Turbulence: CAT refers to sudden light to severe turbulence in the absence of any visual clues, such as clouds. If you ever flew in clear weather mode, you probably noticed that the aircraft is almost 100% stable, that's not XP-Realistic at all! So from today, you might (or might not) get some chops here and there while flying.

Surface Turbulence: In real life, when flying in low altitudes (around 500ft and below), one might experience small bumps (chops) caused by the heat released from the ground and sometime from the wind blowing upwards between buildings and trees. This is usually more noticeable in GA aircraft during approach and takeoff, but of course can appear in bigger aircraft as well.


Advanced Flight Modelling issue small update to M20 series

Advanced Flight Modelling (AFM) have released a small update to their M20 series. The update fixes numerous VR-related bugs, as well as fine tuning engine and flap parameters. Check out the full list of updates:

  • VR Yoke Causing CTD
  • VR Flap Handle now works
  • VR Config files improved
  • Range Buttons on GNS530/430 fixed
  • Yoke Show/Hide was backward
  • 150% Zoom fixed hover icons with side menu
  • Tuned Engine Failure sensitivity
  • Tuned Random Failure sensitivity (should occur with half the frequency now - 1/100,000 odds per second)
  • Tuned Flap Actuator sensitivity
  • Tuned engine temperatures
  • Ovation 3 G1000 Delta Peak was not displaying, fixed
  • Glass too Opaque, fixed 


That’s all for this week!

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Happy flying - and have a wonderful day!

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