More Previews of the 747-8 Freighter Published by SSG

August 21, 2020

A handful of new previews from Supercritical Simulations Group and the development of their Boeing 747-8 Freighter for X-Plane 11 have been released.

Published through a Facebook post, most of the images are shown in the dark of night with limited apron lighting, which makes the exterior shots slightly difficult to make out.

Nonetheless, these new previews build on those released back in June when the aircraft was shown in-sim for the first time, as well as many renders with the latest batch having been shown off in May.

But it was back in February when the developer shared the first renders of the aircraft, which is to build on the 747-8i V2 that was released at the end of October last year.

Alongside the 747-8, the Embraer E-Jets are the only other aircraft the developer is known to be working on.

SSG is available to follow on their Facebook page.

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