Aerosoft at the Threshold

By: Will Reynolds
November 24, 2018

As we see our world of X-Plane evolve, we find more developers supporting our preferred platform. So why are they doing it? How did they find it and what are their plans for the future?

We reached out to Mathijs and Jan from Aerosoft, and they were, as always, only too happy to chat:

Mathijs and Jan, welcome to Threshold!

> From Aerosoft’s point of view, when did you first stock an X-Plane product, or the base sim itself?  Do you remember the version?

> What was the Aerosoft strategy behind stocking and supporting X-Plane add-ons? Was it based on market research?  Or someone liking the platform? or all of them?

> What was the first Aerosoft branded product for X-Plane and how did that come about? 


> What are your impressions of community vibe from X-Plane 10 to X-Plane 11....have you noticed more activity?  Are users happier, more positive?


> Compared to XP10, how do you see X-Plane's current marketshare?  Is it bigger and growing faster with XP11, or is it the same? or smaller? any ideas why?


> Where do you see X-Plane 11's appeal compared to other sims?

Jan: More sophisticated flight physics and graphics compared to P3D.


> How many aircraft and scenery developers are associated with Aerosoft currently for the XP11 market?

Mathijs: A bit hard to say as it changes a lot and we have many kinds of contracts.  Sometimes we are just publisher, sometimes we fund the development,sometimes it is done internally. But I think there are always at least 10 people involved with XP projects.


> Will you continue to support XP10 actively or migrate to XP11 exclusively?



> Will we see Aerosoft aircraft for XP11 in the future or will you focus solely on scenery?


> Attending the many Flight Sim Expos,would you say our hobby is in a healthy state?  What would you like to see changed?


> How do you currently receive information on X-Plane releases, projects and add ons?  Do you have a direct line of communication with LR and most developers?  or follow information on forums?


> What can we expect from Aerosoft in 2019 for X-Plane?


Many thanks to the Aerosoft team for making themselves available to us, and their ongoing friendship.

There you have it folks....lots of good things coming form the Aerosoft hangar to our world of X-Plane...stay tuned, as we keep you up to date.

The Threshold team.

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