AVSim Investigation: Peter Tishma

May 27, 2018

Republished from AVSim

Bob Hale, Bob Howe, "Bobbo", Peter Tishma, Papa Tango, PT, World Air Simulations, Ariane (1), Ariane (2), Corporate Worldwide Limited, Woodlandworld and who knows how many others, all point to the same individual, Peter Tishma of American Airlines fame (or is that infamy?). After a week or so of information being passed to us from a variety of readers, we have independently confirmed that information today. Ariane is in fact run by Tishma, who has steadfastly attempted to hide behind the obscurity of pseudonyms, and after having been dealt with quite firmly by the liquidation courts of the United Kingdom, continues to ply his trade in the flight simulation community. Were this just another gentleman who had gone bankrupt and was attempting to recreate his life after failure, there would be no large or even interesting story here. Given this man, his arrogance and disdain for the very customers he has to rely upon, it is a story worth reporting.

This is the same individual that attempted to take over freeware by signing a contract with American Airlines which would have, in his "interpretation"; given him the rights to all AA owned logos, including that of TWA, in respect of their use by all others, including freeware authors. He attempted to force that interpretation off on the simulation community, and did the same with Lauda, British Airways and others. Of course, what he had in all cases was strictly a commercial arrangement with these carriers, and in no shape or way were these agreements intended to throttle the freeware contributors to our hobby, as AVSIM anticipated and subsequently resolved in discussions with AA. But, that did not stop Tishma from foisting off the attempt anyway. In doing so, he was successful in having a number of sites given "cease and desist" letters for either having AA liveried files for download and being interpreted as "commercial" enterprises, or being Virtual Airlines using the American livery. Had Tishma had his way, he would have gleaned enormous commercial benefit from cornering the freeware authors into publishing "approved" works through his company at the time; Papa Tango. Would they have remained freeware? We will let you draw your own conclusion.

This is the same person who has literally stolen works from a variety of authors and organizations, including Graham Waterfield and Bob Kirkland of PSS fame. There are too many others to list, but we are quite confident that some of the "old timers" in the hobby can recall more than a few.

And now we have Ariane (version 2) selling a GMAX 737. Folks, this is the same Peter Tishma of AA fame. How do we know? Thanks to some intrepid readers (who shall remain nameless) and our own staff, it was all very simple and rudimentary; we called his rented office and asked if he was there.

It turns out that Tishma rents an office from Regus Instant Offices, a pretty well known instant office provider in the U.K. The phone number to this particular office is easily obtained by anyone. If you go to the Ariane site, you will find a total lack of any way to get in direct contact with them except through a rather non-descript AOL email account and a fax number. The fax number? Well it just happens to be the fax number for Regus Instant Offices in Luton, the home of the infamous Peter Tishma.

What follows is a gist of phone calls repeated twice by a reader, and then by an AVSIM staff member: 

"Good Morning Regus"

"Good Morning, can I speak to Peter Tishma please"

"He is not in at the moment, but can I give you his direct number"

"Thanks, that would be great"

"Just a moment - that would be (number provided)"

"Ok, is that Peter's direct line OR Ariane’s?"

"That is Ariane's number"

"Thank you very much."

Here is an individual who has successfully swindled many over the years in our hobby, and continues to do so today, albeit hiding behind the obscurity and hoped for anonymity of a company that refuses to fully identify itself. We wonder how many requests for refunds will go unanswered until sufficient complaints are registered in the U.K. that Tishma once again finds himself in the cross hairs of UK justice?

We say once again because Tishma, by apparently continuing to operate Ariane as has been documented above, would appear to be in breach of UK Law thanks to earlier legal losses. Corporate Worldwide Limited was placed into compulsory liquidation (declared insolvent) with a court order enacted to wind up its business as of 22nd April of this year.

Documentation related to this action can be accessed via the following link. Please note that the information is only available online during the working hours of the office involved. That is Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 12 Midnight UK Time via this link: http://ws4info.companieshouse.gov.uk/info/info_insolv.cgi?id=ce4b5f1e07ca09f79c4dc1cd8e2b8fdc

This link provides an in-depth explanation of what "compulsory liquidation" means under UK law. It is available at any time for review: http://www.companyrescue.co.uk/company_rescue/options/compulsory-liquidation.html

So to those who wish to roll the dice and purchase the Ariane product we can only offer the ageless admonition of caveat emptor; let the buyer beware!

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