No Money Monday: KBDU For MSFS

April 2, 2023

MSFS Community developer Phobos_Designs has recently released his stunning freeware scenery for all to enjoy! This scenery focuses on the Boulder Municipal Airport. Boulder Municipal is located north-east of the vibrant city that is Boulder Colorado in the United States. 

Boulder Municipal is a very popular airport for Glider operations hosting 2 glider clubs that see a large number of flights each and every day. On top of this the airport has large general aviation traffic with thousands of flights passing through each year. Boulder also operates as a base for Aerial Fire Fighting and is popular with medevac and rescue operators. 

This fantastic freeware scenery boasts the following features: 

  • Handcrafted buildings, infrastructure, and details around the entire airport boundary
  • Glider operations with the addition of runway 8G / 26G on the north side of the field along with gliders, glider trailers, parking, Soaring Society of Boulder facilities, and Mile High Gliding facilities
  • The most recent aerial imagery of the airport's surrounding area cleaned up and in the highest resolution available
  • Custom runways and taxiways matching the current airport layout
  • Custom surface and runway markings
  • Nearby Points of Interest for the two runway 8G outlanding fields: Elliot's Field and L-Shaped Field

You can download this exceptional free scenery over at 

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