No Money Mondays: Big Bear Lake

September 4, 2022
Jason Clark
nobody, apparently.

This No Money Monday takes us to the town of Big Bear Lake, a small, quiet mountain city that offers great tourism year-round! Many visit the town for the amazing outdoor activities it has to offer. Hiking, skiing and snowboarding are just a few of the many outdoor activities that visitors can enjoy. Whether you want to enjoy nature's beauty or pause for some relaxation in sunshine, the Southern California sun with that fresh Southern California mountain air is enough to make the journey worthwhile. With today's fuel costs, flying or driving any distance has become an arm and a leg. However there is a way to save money so you can see for yourself, and possibly even plan your visit virtually. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, known for its stunning visuals can provide you with the opportunity to spot and survey the areas you want to visit in real life. I have found a stunning rendition that updates the area of Big Bear by Flightsimdude at as a free download.

In addition to the township, this enhancement improves the surrounding area of Big Bear, such as the local airport, Big Bear Lake, and the terrain. The usual out of place vegetation is replaced with better models representing native species. The drought-stricken Southern California Area is represented more accurately. An increased level of detail and accuracy has been observed in the roads around the area from a closer vantage point. Other improved tidbits include the Stanfield Marsh Boardwalk, North Shore Elementary School, Big Bear High School, Big Bear Solar Observatory, and many other neat features. I could list them all but what fun would that be? Head out and find them! Together, all of these improvements make Microsoft Flight Simulator come to life. Freeware packages like these allow us to do more than just fly. It's the small details that keep us coming back for more!


The Big Bear project is a great start for improving the SoCal area for Flight Simulator 2020. According to flightsimdude, the project is ongoing, so there are bound to be more improvements and updates in the future. This is the level of detail and dedication you'd expect from a payware developer, and it's awesome that this level of quality is available for free. Thank you to everyone who's involved in this project, and keep up the good work! This is what makes the flight simulation community so great!

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