No Money Mondays: Belgrade Airport for MSFS

October 31, 2022

No Money Mondays: Belgrade Airport for MSFS

This week’s No Money Monday takes us all the way to Serbia, where Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport is located. This airport is the largest and busiest airport within Serbia and is one of five international airports in the country. Numerous aircraft fly in and out of Belgrade International airport and is the main hub for Serbia’s flagship airline, Air Serbia. The airport attracts millions of tourists from around the world to enjoy the scorching sun of Serbia during the summer season. 

The developers, danilo081 and the SkyHighSim team, have worked hard to create the beloved Belgrade International airport and had initially released it on the 12th October 2022. The developers are constantly updating this product and have stated that it is in a BETA stage, meaning they would like users to state any issues to be fixed or any improvements to be made.

Features include:

  • Custom static aircraft
  • Custom airport building
  • Custom airport textures
  • New signs and objects around the aerodrome
  • Functional Jetways
  • Custom airport building surroundings


Belgrade Airport was first opened to traffic in March 1927 and had its first domestic airline operate in and out of the airport in February 1928. During 1944 , the airport was bombed by the allies during World War 2 and was eventually rebuilt by October 1944 to be used by the Soviet Union. However, after the World War had ended they saw a significant increase in passenger demand and required an expansion but the only way they could do this was to relocate the airport. The last flight to depart the old airport was in 1964.

The new location for the airport was on the Surcin Plateau, located near Belgrade’s city center. Building of the new airport started in April 1958 and was completed on the 28th April 1962, during the time of the expansion a 3,000m long concrete runway was built. Terminal 2 had undergone major construction during the early 2000’s and the ILS system had also been upgraded at a similar time. In 2006, the airport was renamed to “Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.”

Overall Summary

If you have wanted to fly to Belgrade International airport before in MSFS then why not do it now? This scenery offers realistic terminals, functional transparent jetways, custom airport surroundings and much more. This airport allows for fantastic opportunities for people wanting to fly in and out of Serbia to many different countries all around Europe. You can download for free on and add another scenery to your collection.

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