No Money Mondays: Cuiabá International By Bruno Reichert

January 10, 2022

In this week's edition of No Money Mondays, we'll take a look at Bruno Reichert’s SBCY Cuiabá, released on October 30, 2020, for MSFS and one of the firsts Brazilian sceneries released for MSFS.

Bruno Reichert is already widely known in Brazil for his extensive library of free scenery for P3D and X-Plane 11 and has been very active in creating airports for MSFS since its launch in August 2020.

Cuiabá International Airport is located in the metropolitan region of the capital of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, Cuiabá, being one of the primary connections between the capital and the rest of the country and accommodating some of the largest airlines such as Azul, Latam, and Gol. Featuring a 2,300 meter long runway starring landings from the 737 Max by Gol to the A320neo by Azul or Latam.

The installation process is simple by dropping the scenery folder into your MSFS community folder.

Taking off with my Kodiak once again from Cuiabá Airport, I'm always impressed with the detail presented in this scenery. Thanks to the visuals of the simulator combined with satellite images, I always get incredible views.

Speaking of the main Terminal, one of the most beautiful buildings included in the scenery and having PBR textures throughout its structure, is the JetWays. I love how the dirt on the buildings is represented in the PBR textures; it brings a sense of realism. I also like the company logos which can be seen on the boarding bridge.

Dozens of other buildings and hangars are also present in the scenery, all with high-resolution PBR textures. The parking lot and surrounding buildings are also included in the package.

The textures on the taxiways, lane, and terminal are customized with rubber markings and broken taxiways in some areas, and are less detailed than the other textures and look a bit like the default MSFS texture. Nevertheless, I am still enjoying the use of this beautiful scenery.

The high level of detail might seem heavy on FPS, but the simulator's typical performance remained undisturbed. Other features include custom CGL, custom 3D objects, Full PBR materials, detailed ground textures, detailed night lighting, and custom taxiway edge lights.

Overall the scenery is magnificent and the amount of detail cannot be described. Texturing and modeling bring a set of fine arts. Some minor details are missing, but for free scenery, it's perfect.

Cuiabá International Airport Version 1.3 is available for free at

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