No Money Mondays: Dallas Love Field

September 11, 2018

For this week’s “No Money Monday,” I bring to you the fantastic, and newly updated, freeware scenery for Dallas Love Field, KDAL, byVerticalSim and 3rdWatch! This is a great freeware scenery that includes full autogate compatibility, and a downloadable set of ground routes for WorldTraffic 3 by Captain K-Man.

As you can see, this scenery features beautiful night lighting and realistic gate assignments. If you use the ground routes and have WT3, it'll look even better, day and night.

The entire airport, which includes the GA Ramp, Hangers, and fuel tanks is fully modeled to a pretty high level! It certainly is not the level one would expect with a brand-new payware scenery, but it is more than enough to provide a quality experience.

If you wish to add ortho imagery that is not your own to this scenery, you can original release of this scenery.

Last, but not least, the terminal glass takes full advantage of PBR texturing, a lucky feature to be found in freeware, for sure!

If your wallet is feeling light this week and you don't already have this scenery, get your Southwest liveries handy and break out the 737, this will provide you with a great experience!

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