No Money Mondays: Odog’s Jackson Hole (KJAC)

May 27, 2019

For this week’s No Money Monday, we return to the world of scenery with Odog’s first scenery: KJAC Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole Regional Airport is a United States public airport located seven miles north of Jackson Wyoming and is the only US airport to be located within a national park. Because of this, there are tight regulations meaning the airport is forced to have a small terminal and runway.

Regular visitors to the airport are A320 family aircraft, B738s, B757s, and ERJs from United, Delta, American, and Frontier. The busiest periods for the airport are summer and winter when the airport is busy with people wanting to see wildlife in the surrounding mountain ranges. During these seasons the airport has non-stop airline service from thirteen destinations throughout the United States.

Odog says:

“Since October I’ve been working on Jackson Hole in my spare time. With massive strides in development since the start, I’ve been going back and redoing everything to get the best of the best.”

Odog is currently in the process of making his next (unannounced) project.

Some features of the scenery are Autogate marshallers, numerous custom objects, orthophotos, and summer and winter texture variants.

Odog’s Jackson Hole is available to download from the forums here.

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