No Money Mondays: Aerobask Lisa Akoya

October 1, 2018

Nowadays, some flight simulation add-on developers prioritise money over customers, which doesn’t always bode well with the community. But occasionally, a payware developer will make an addon without asking for a single penny, as a gift to the community, and Aerobask is a great example.

The Lisa Akoya is a single-engine light aircraft that can touch down on land and water. Aerobask have made use of the then-new Physics Based Rendering (PBR), releasing the aircraft whilst X-Plane 11 was still in its infancy, and updated to version 2.

The lack of an autopilot will put your handling skills to the test, but you can still rely on the custom systems and a basic Dynon Skyview EFIS to navigate. Furthermore, you can adjust the payload, and view checklists with the side-menu. Also included is a manual for the aircraft and the CSC-1/P Constant Speed Controller, an instrument that regulates the speed of the propeller automatically based on the thrust set. Custom sounds are also present, as well as a few extras such as the pitot cover flag and retractable wings.

The Lisa Akoya is available free of charge here

Their full range of aircraft is available at their website.

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