No Money Mondays: Deejing Vans RV7

October 10, 2022

It’s that time of the week once again, No Money Mondays! 

This week we have a very exciting little aircraft that is available completely for free! 

The Deejing Van's RV-7 and RV-7A for MSFS. 

The RV7 and RV7-A are aircraft designed and developed by the Vans aircraft company in the USA. One of the commonly used engines in the RV7 is the Lycoming IO-390, however, being experimental aircraft they allow for a massive selection of engines to be used, there are even some RV8 models that have big radial piston pounders squeezed into them! Another advantage of the Experimental platform is the ability to have various avionics packages. This is just part of the reason that the home built, RV7 series is so popular in todays GA market.

Thanks to Deejing, you can now fly your very own RV7 or RV7-A model (if tailwheels aren't for you) This fantastic aircraft has been brought to MSFS in payware quality for a grand total of $0. That's right… completely free! 

The aircraft comes with the option of a standard steam gauge panel, a modern Garmin panel or a hybrid option. The latest update has also boasted GTN 750 integration! Along with this, a variety of stunning liveries are available in the base package. 

The Deejing RV7 and RV7A can be downloaded from for free! I can highly recommend this great freeware aircraft for your virtual hanger. 

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