No Money Mondays: Stop Zooming Dammit By Saso Kiselkov

March 4, 2019

Using the scroll wheel to adjust manipulators should be a simple task, but it so often goes awry, leaving X-Plane users frustrated, especially in stressful situations. Does this look familiar?

If so, Saso Kiselkov, who has developed addons such as Better Pushback and the HotStart TBM 900, has your back, with a new plugin released just a few days ago.

Through a little bit of coding, he has devised a way to totally disable zoom whilst enabled and has also included toggle and press-to-disable functions that can be assigned to the keyboard or joystick.

X-Plane does not have a way to disable mouse wheel zoom by default, so this is a welcome modification for what might be most X-Plane users.

The plugin is standalone and does not require anything else to run correctly, just extract the .zip folder into X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins and you’re good to go.

Download the plugin from GitHub here.

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