No Money Mondays: tdg

November 27, 2018

One of the most dedicated freeware developers, tdg has shown its love for X-Plane through hundreds of airports – and only asks for donations. In exactly five years, tdg has modelled 299 airports for the community and has become a key player in representing the masses of freeware in the X-Plane community.

Palma deMallorca Airport (LEPA)

Almost every airport tdg makes is done through the extensive use of libraries. These contain many objects and textures and are placed using World Editor (WED) and/or Overlay Editor. The end user only needs a copy of the airport and all required libraries for the scenery to work.

This way, tdg can produce several airports every month, and although the models may not be totally accurate, they are hand-placed to closely resemble what exists in real life.

Kefalonia International Airport (LGKF)

tdg has accommodated a range of airport sizes around the world. From airports as busy as London Gatwick, to less popular destinations such as Kefalonia (above), tdg has helped fill the many gaps there are in X-Plane sceneries.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ESSA)

With the introduction of X-Plane’s terminal kit in 11.20 and more autogen objects to come in 11.30, we can be sure tdg will make excellent use of the resources available to continue providing the X-Plane community with many airports – all free of charge.

Check out tdg’s profile on the forum here.

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