No Money Mondays: Winteriser by X-Codr

April 22, 2019

Hot on the heels for today’s No Money Mondays is a whitening toothpaste for satellite imagery! A diversion from the long streak of payware development, X-Codr Designs has released their first freeware tool that 'winterises' ground imagery tiles, adding glorious snow to your sceneries.

The tool is designed for use in Ortho4XP sceneries and comes in a nicely packaged lightweight application that produced winterised tiles sized about half of a Megabyte. Unlike most current solutions that require a rework of the textures, Winteriser’s approach is through decals, which explains the rather small file size.

The Winterizer UI.

The interface is simple and self-explanatory. With the click of a button, Winteriser will transform ALL your tiles to provide an appealing snow-covered landscape.

Users will witness a winter wonderland before their eyes if the right conditions are met; the snow will show up when the temperature is below freezing, and if there is more than 30% precipitation. The only downside is that the winter textures are not dynamic like TerraMaxx, and as such users are required to reload the scenery to see any changes to the terrain if the above conditions are met.

The tool as of now only supports Windows 10. Mac users could possibly circumvent that through running the .exe on Wine.

You can grab Winterizer for yourself here. The developer also highly recommends using your created winter scenery with X-Flyer's Winter Package, which you can download here.

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