No Money Mondays: Realistic Engine Modifications

April 20, 2021

A well-known modification developer Carda Jowol has brought Real Engine Modifications engines for many aircraft in the X-Plane community. Used by those who want to boost the visual quality of their flight simulation or by fans of his work, Carda has brought high-quality replacement engines to an abundance of payware aircraft; Ranging from the A320 family NEO engines to General Electric’s long-haul jet engines. He is also a member of the LevelUp team, supplying the engines for the 737 Max series.

Carda began his journey making engines when he started out trying to retexture other engines. He soon realized that it was not going to work mainly due to the size of the textures and modelling issues. So he decided to get back into modelling to try and bring engines that everyone could use. His first REM was the GE CF6-80E1 engine for the Jar-design A330. He then went on to develop LEAP 1A  and PW-1100G for the ToLiss and Flight Factor A320 family. This allowed simmers to experience flying a NEO and has since been updated to work with the ToLiss A321neo pack. After all the Airbus work he decided to delve into the world of Boeing with the CF680C2-B6F for the FF 767. His most recent work was for the Jar-design A330 again as he brought the 3rd engine variant of the A330, the Pratt & Whitney 4000-100.

He has recently shared more previews of his Rolls Royce RB211s on his community club. Carda aims to “get it as close as possible” to the real engine and with his upcoming RB211s, they will include: “Custom particles, the usual set of liveries, and a paint kit”. This paint kit will allow the community to add their own set of liveries or edit current ones. He encourages people to post their liveries that include his engine textures in the REM Club Forums.

Ultimately, The best part of Carda Jowol’s engine modification is the fact that they are 100% free to the community. You can download his work from the Threshold Forums and explore all the amazing work he has provided the community with.

(This article was republished on 20/04/2021 due to an error when originally publishing)

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