Thank you. Onwards and upwards, but never backwards!

December 30, 2018

Dear readers,

Ever since our launch back in February, we’ve always had a clear and concise path, to bring accountability and celebrate creativity. Sapere Aude, “Dare to Know”, has been a fundamental ethos in everything we report and write. And our exponential growth this year into X-Plane’s main source of news is attributed to our relentless drive for editorial ingenuity. But most importantly, our growth is all because of You. Our readers, our followers. Without You, Threshold would have not existed.

In our first year, we’ve achieved many great milestones, from the launch of our Store and Forum - which provided a new breath of life across the X-Plane community - to our strong (and growing) online media presence.

We can candidly say we have made many mistakes along the way which have taught us how to best serve our community but also what to avoid so we remain true to ourselves and our goals. But we don’t have any world-conquering goals, community capturing laser beams, ransom demands if we don’t like what you wear or automated mute buttons if we don’t like your accent…..we are just like You, a group of people with a love for this hobby - so much so, that sometimes consumes far more time than appears available every day….but we enjoy it. We enjoy bringing you the latest news as they come, we enjoy giving you an editorial opinion so you can make your own, we enjoy bringing you a baggage-free site where you can just enjoy the hobby….

So thank you for letting us into your media devices, for allowing us to be a part of your hobby ritual and for your friendship….we have more to come in 2019, and we look forward to continuing being a positive growing part of the X-Plane community.

Happy New Year 2019!!

The Threshold team.

Threshold encourages informed discussion and debate - though this can only happen if all commenters remain civil when voicing their opinions.