What to expect for X-Plane at FSExpo

June 7, 2018

Arguably the biggest Flight-Simulation event is taking place right around the corner just a few more days from now, with alarge selection of big names that are presenting a keynote or exhibiting at the event! From Laminar Research to PMDG, FSExpo is essentially a gathering of almost all the major developers in the flight simulation space, showing off their latest and greatest creations; it is a tradeshow and conference. Although the venue will be packed with MSFS developers, FlyJSim will be present and exhibiting as well as Laminar Research. Perhaps we are in for a few surprise announcements?

We've collated the developments towards the event, and here are our and the X-Plane community’s thoughts and speculation in one place:

Laminar Research:

Laminar will be exhibiting at FSExpo in stall #501. In a recent Facebook post, Austin alongside with the rest of the dev team will be presenting a keynote to talk about Vulkan integration and to show off what the team have been working on recently. The talk will take place on Saturday at 10:15 in the morning.


Aerosoft will be exhibiting in stand #504 and will be presenting a keynote on Sunday at 1:50 – 2:20pm. Winfried Diekmann, Managing Director/CEO of Aerosoft will be speaking about the company’s development updates. Hopefully, they will have some solid plans for X-Plane!


There are exciting developments surrounding Orbx, the recent reintegration of Turbulent Designs back into the team means that more high-quality sceneries will sit in one platform for ease of access. Orbx will be exhibiting as well in stall #101 We have reached Orbx for information on what will be presented in FSExpo, whilst no new products will be announced, they have informed us that two new products will be showcased; Broome Int’l Airport for X-Plane, and England True Earth for MSFS. One can ponder, what will be of Terraflorra when Orbx has their own HD tree textures.


PMDG has stated that they have plans for X-Plane. They have also confirmed that a brand-new product in development will be unveiled at the event, but we believe it’s highly unlikely that the project to be unveiled at FSExpo will be catered to X-Plane. They won't be exhibiting at any stand and they'll be present at FSExpo for a presentation only. It’s possible that the secret project could be a 787, judging from the little hint that PMDG gave (on that they’ve been working on this project since 2008, which is coincidental to the Dreamliner’s preparation and continued delays for the first planned maiden flight) and QualityWing’s seemingly rushed push to release on their 787 for P3D v4 about two weeks before this event. [EDIT] But as PMDG stated in their announcement about "unveiling a new product line", a new plane may not be what s in PMDG's plans.


FlyJSim will be exhibiting in stand #602 to show to the rest of the community what X-Plane has to offer with their aircraft. No new information or content will be presented. However, patrons of FSExpo can freely explore FlyJSim's 737-200 and their upcoming 727 V3.

REX Simulations:

Reed Stough has not made it a secret that they are currently experimenting and developing something for X-Plane, confirming that they are placing a “toe in the water” in the X-Plane development scene. We've reached Mr. Stough for comment and he said the team will definitely show and talk about 'things' at the show. Understandably, they don't want any information to get out until then. The team will be exhibiting in stand #601 alongside with Jetline Systems.


If you're attending the event, make sure to prepare and familiarise yourself with the action packed schedule:


And know where to go and visit with the Exhibitor space Floorplan: 


If you're staying at the Flamingo Resort, do check out the Hotel Map:


Visit the FSExpo website for more information about the event:


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