No Money Monday: Airport Environment HD by MisterX

November 2, 2021

More formally known to the community as MisterX/Short Final Design, Justin Kissling is arguably one of the most prolific figures in the X-Plane scenery scene, the peak of his contribution to X-Plane comes in the form of a freeware visual graphic add-on for X-Plane 11, which has gained popularity and is now a staple in the community whilst also being an essential addition to hundreds of other sceneries by other users as a library. Today’s NMM will feature his star freeware product, Airport Environment HD.

Similar to other graphical add-ons such as Airport Layout Enhancement Solution, Airport Environment HD replaces airport textures with high resolution custom-made alternatives for a more realistic and graphically appealing outlook. Those who are familiar and appreciate Kissling’s visual styling in his sceneries would be happy to know that this add-on may turn most default airports into something that resembles his airport releases. While it adds new textures for groundwork in the airport, the package includes brand new 3d models covering cargo trucks, baggage carts, and custom buildings to airports which other 3rd party users can develop their sceneries using this as a scenery library.

Recently updated in February of this year, Kissling made new textures and other improvements to improve the add-on. With the announcement of X-Plane 12 By Laminar Research (one of the features which include overhauled textures and expanded object library) the stapled add-on is an excellent stopgap while XP12 is in development and before its formal arrival.

Needless to say, the package offers a sweeping visual rejuvenation, with the replacement of runway, and taxiway textures and the additions of runway shoulders, blast pads, and skid marks. As previously mentioned, custom airport vehicles such as baggage carts, and cargo dollies with ULDs, GPUs, tractors, and cargo trucks come with the set. Taxiway signs have been redone with better details and textures. Also included are terrain textures overhauls in airport areas. Here is the full feature list:

  • Runway and taxiway textures 
  • Blast pads, runway shoulders, skid marks 
  • Taxiway signs
  • Apron lights, fuel tanks 
  • Baggage carts, cargo dollies with ULDs, GPUs, tractors, and cargo trucks 
  • Painted ground signs, ramp markings 
  • Taxi lines 
  • Terrain textures on airport areas

You can find this product on the .Org Forums. If you are interested in Short Final Design’s payware products, you can find them at the .Org Store.

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