No Money Mondays: Axonos Donegal Airport

May 31, 2021

In this week’s edition of No Money Mondays, we will be taking a look at Axonos’ recently released Irish scenery for X-Plane 11, Donegal Airport. 

Released in March 2021, the scenery made headlines after Boundless Simulations announced their own rendition of the airport for X-Plane. The decision was therefore made to release the scenery as freeware. After comparing both sceneries, I decided to concentrate on Axonos’ version of the scenery as it seemed more complete, however, I recommend taking a look at Boundless’ version as well. 

Donegal Airport first saw commercial service after its major renovation in 1986. Since then, the airport has undergone expansions and now has flights to Glasgow and Dublin. The airport is known around the world for its scenic approach. 

The installation is the most unpleasant part of the product. To download the scenery, it is required to be a member of Axonos’ Discord server where download links are published, download cannot be done via a forum or website. The rest of the installation is smooth and easy, as most sceneries, drag-and-drop into your Custom Scenery file. 

The overall looks are very good, the ground textures are extremely pleasing. The asphalt and grass are very well done on the apron, runway and around the airport. The 3D grass adds immersion, however, the density is quite low making it slightly odd. 

The 3D models are also very good and after comparing the simulator to real-world pictures, most of the buildings are accurate. The layout is also correct, nevertheless, the apron on the right of the terminal seems to be filled with some heavy-duty loaders which seem out of place at a minor Irish Airport. The terminal, parking area, hangar and fire station are also accurately recreated.

To download Axonos’ Donegal Airport for X-Plane 11, join the developer’s Discord server. Check out our article covering the original release of the airport. 

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