No Money Mondays: SeaToSky's Tokyo Narita Airport

June 13, 2021

On this week’s edition of No Money Mondays, we will be taking a look at SeaToSky’s Tokyo Narita Airport for X-Plane 11, which was released on the 6th of July 2020. 

Tokyo Narita is one of two major airports in the city of Tokyo (Japan). Being the busiest airport in Japan by international passenger and cargo traffic, Narita is a perfect hub for airlines such as: Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Nippon Cargo Airlines, Jetstar Japan and Peach. Its 4,000-meter main runway shares the record for longest runway in Japan with the second runway at Kansai International Airport in Osaka.

SeaToSky partnered with Zero Dollar payware to bring Tokyo Narita to X-Plane 11. Zero Dollar Payware are well known in the flight simulation community for their high detail freeware scenery projects for X-Plane 11. With the announcement of London Heathrow and 2 other freeware airports, at the of April 2021, ZPD are hard at work developing more and more amazing scenery for the community to enjoy. 

The installation of Tokyo Narita consists of downloading the scenery and unzipping it into your Custom Scenery folder. That said you will need to download 13 external libraries. SAM is also required for the Jetways and Docking Guidance Systems to work.

The overall look of the airport is very good, the ground textures are extremely high quality. The asphalt and grass are very well done on the apron, runway and around the airport. The 3D grass adds immersion, however, with the high density, users with lower end machines may struggle on performance. 

The modelling of the terminals and cargo buildings are impressive as well, providing simmers with a realistic simulation of Tokyo Narita. With the high quality models comes high quality building textures. SeaToSky has also provided amazing textures for all the buildings across the airport. Even on medium texture quality (on my rig), the textures are still clear and high detail. 

Ultimately, The best part of SeaToSky’s Tokyo Narita is the fact that it is 100% free to the community. You can download Narita and explore more of their work on the Forum

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