Week Highlights: New Prepar3D Converts, PMDG talks X-Plane & New ERJ Previews

Peter Tram
Monday, February 25, 2019

As we’re reaching the end of the month, developers scurry to push out new updates and releases so strap yourself in for this week's Threshold Sunday Review; this week is filled with a wide variety of major product news and releases:

Monday brought us another lovely Orbx release; Sumburgh Airport. Being one of the largest airports on the Shetland Islands it also is the first airport to complement Orbx’s TrueEarth GB North. As with most Orbx releases being done with exquisite detail and accuracy, Sumburgh Airport is no exception:

The next day, the developers behind the popular xOrganiser tool have released the second iteration, most notably now being a payware product. Completely rewritten for much better performance and efficiency, xOrganiser will relieve you of many menial tasks in maintaining your X-Plane installation like scenery installation organisation:

On the same day, Carenado has released its X-Plane port of their SAAB 340 rendition, filling a gap providing good visuals and entry-level realism. The product will indirectly compete with the more sophisticated LES SAAB 340 simulation:

A few hours later, Vertical Simulations has released new previews of its upcoming Corpus Christi Airport. Not much new information surfaced about the product and its features, but the developer assured that the airport is nearing completion:

The 20th brought news of another tool, the Electronic Flight Bag by Aivlasoft is coming to X-Plane very soon. Development on the upcoming X-Plane version of the EFB appeared to have begun after the release of version 2 for FSX and Prepar3D in July of last year. On a forum post, the developers have announced that beta testing is underway for X-Plane support:

Later in the day, Orbx announced its port of Old Warden airport for X-Plane, shifting its focus back into UK’s southern region. Notably known for its Shuttleworth Collection Which comprises of historically important aircraft from the first half of the twentieth century:

The 21st is filled with new aircraft updates, beginning with news of DDEN’s Challenger 300 receiving Librain support, delivering realistic rain effects to cockpit windows following new information of their Challenger 600 in development:

Further along the day, X-Crafts posted new previews of their upcoming ERJ aircraft series, bringing stunning graphics and modelling while offering a casual/fun level of system complexity:

And on the same day, we consolidated all development reports of the Felis 747-200 project in the .org forums into one helpful news entry so everyone can be up to date on the project's progression:

And finally, to end the day on a sweet note: Nimbus has finally pushed its highly anticipated major update for their rendition of O’Hare airport, bringing snow, a denser population of airport vehicles and the addition of a new concourse to the windy city’s main airport:

On the 22nd, Orbx returns yet again with its announcement that they’ve finalised their initial list of POIs for their upcoming TrueEarth Washington scenery, bringing a spark of excitement to users based in the States as Orbx is proceeding with developing TrueEarth US regions. In the same day, they released Old Warden Airport - publicly announced two days ago.

On the 23rd, a newcomer to the scenery development scene, FLYX Simulations has posted a large list of new updates and information regarding their recreation of Lanzarote Airport. The update highlights the near-completion of the terminal and some other facilities in the airport along with previews of groundwork assets:

The next day on Sunday, PMDG posted a new update primarily targeting users on the P3D platform, the team is withdrawing from FSX development (only providing support updates to their current FSX product lineup). As part of their announcement, Randazzo provided short verbiage about their plans for X-Plane bringing nothing new to the table as no new X-Plane information is there, to begin with.

And at the very end of the week, Peter Hager published an new update to his divisive A320 series offering, following the release of an A321 update about a month ago. Primarily providing X-Plane 11.30 support along with rehashed flight dynamics and NEO models:

Lastly for this week: Vidan Design announces their first scenery for X-Plane. The Danish outfit have numerous sceneries out for Prepar3D already - the first for X-Plane will be Grena (EKGR).


That’s all for this week!

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Happy flying - and have a wonderful day!

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