On the glideslope with ShortFinal Design

By: Sam Clark
December 19, 2018

It's been a big year for MisterX6 and his payware brand ShortFinal Design, first with the release of KLAX HD in early July, the announcement and subsequent work on his next fully-fledged payware scenery based around Munich Airport (EDDM) and to top it all off, a freeware "Christmas present" to the community, Japan Pro.

To cap off such a monumental year, we've reached out to the mastermind behind it all to talk all things X-Plane, scenery development and to discuss the future of ShortFinal Design as well as any future freeware releases.

Without further ado, welcome to Threshold, Justin!

> Starting off at the grassroots level - what got you interested in flying/aviation/flight-sim?

> You obviously have a very good, technical creative side - so how did you start using this creativity? When did you start applying it to scenery?

The Golden Gate Bridge, by MisterX6.

> Somewhat of a follow up question to that: What software did you start with that made you want to pursue the path that got you to where you are now? Have you changed what you use since the beginning?

> How do you choose the airports you will create?

> What are the greatest challenges when starting a new airport project and how do you overcome them?

> At what point do you consider a scenery project “good enough” for release?

> Were you surprised by the popularity of your sceneries?  As a follow-up to that, how do you gauge success in your sceneries?  Public opinion? Downloads count? Your own satisfaction?

>> You've certainly received a lot of thanks for the work you've done on Japan Pro!

> Looking back, what scenery or part of scenery would you change/do differently and why?

Another of his freeware releases, covering the island of Catalina.

> On the contrary to that, so far, what is your favourite MisterX6 scenery (freeware or otherwise) and why?

>> I must agree with you there, San Francisco is a certainly a fascinating place.

> The MisterX6 library is great - when did the idea spring to mind to do something like this and why?

A few of the hundreds of objects included in the MisterX Library.

> How would you describe your transition to payware developer?  What moments or steps come to mind from your transition?

> Now that you're one of the most well known characters in the X-Plane scene, what advice would you give to budding developers?

> Would you consider other sim platforms and why/why not?

> How do you see the X-Plane community as a whole? Do you think there is optimism? Pessimism? Frustration? Excitement?

> Apart from Threshold, do you visit any other websites for X-Plane news, releases and reviews?

> Last question for today: Will we at Threshold see more scenery releases coming up from you soon?  Besides Japan Pro, do you plan any more freeware releases in the future?

>> Thank you, Justin, for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy schedule to have a chat with us!

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