Sunday Review: 7th October

Alex John
Monday, October 8, 2018

Welcome to the Threshold Sunday Review

Saturday saw the largest annual event in the United Kingdom for flight simulation, and with it came plenty of news!

Kicking things off from Tuesday however, was the announcement of a Lancair Legacy RG by SkunkCrafts. It will include plenty of custom systems, highly detailed 3D modelling, an FMOD sound set and more!

Then on Thursday, CremonaSoft announced their A310, which quickly followed with its release over the weekend. The A310 is the first classic Airbus to be payware for X-Plane thus far.

New developers FlyingIron released their Republic P-47 Thunderbolt on Saturday. A favourite in the World War II era, FlyingIron have faithfully replicated the cockpit and exterior in great detail, with plenty of systems and sounds to boot.

Closing aircraft news this week is Carenado, with the announcement of their S550 Citation II conversion to X-Plane 11, adding a much needed aircraft to the small selection of business jets in X-Plane.

PropStrike Studios' Quatam River was released early into the week. One of the most detailed sceneries for X-Plane available, their development approach is certainly to be admired.

RAF Cosford allowed Orbx to reveal additional previews of their TrueEarth Great Britain South. Covering nearly 42,000 square miles with detailed mesh, coastlines, points of interest and more, the scenery is bound to be a success in the X-Plane world.

On the same day, Aviotek released their Dubai International. One of the busiest airports in the world, Dubai has long been absent from X-Plane until Saturday.

News also came from FSFX Packages. Rebranded to OldProp, they have shown their work for X-Plane using 11.30's new particle system. A preview of the contrails they have been working on is shown below, and you can check out our article here.

JARDesign also made a headline, with a concept yet to be seen in X-Plane: an interactive copilot that helps ease your workload. Through their Facebook group, JARDesign showed a preview of how the copilot will look:

Finally, Laminar Research gave their presentation at RAF Cosford. Although much of it was recycled from FSExpo, they did say X-Plane 11.30 may be in beta next week.


That’s all for this week!

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Happy flying - and have a wonderful day!

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